What Lies Beneath – Rachael Taylor

This will be your best year. It will be significant,⁠ not just because your circumstances have changed,⁠⠀
but because you have changed. Because what lies beneath your life is a solid foundation. Press play and find out what that foundation in this significant message from Pastor Rachael Taylor.

Vantage Point – Kat Harding

“Look out from where you are”. These are the words that God says to Abram as he’s navigating all that God has called him to. In one moment – right where he was, right in the middle – He gives Abram a heavenly vantage point. God wants to do the same in your life, because seeing what God sees can change everything. Press play to find out more in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.

Collective Strength – Simon Taylor

As a body of believers, let’s live life: Undaunted and Fearless, Unswerving and Unstoppable, Disciplined and Determined. That is how we’ll storm this city with the Gospel and see His salvation come. Click play to hear this empowering message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

Taking Ground – Ian Harding

There’s no doubt we love the victory moments in life. But what do we do when things don’t quite go to plan? Click play to discover how God can impart strength in our weakness, faith in our fear and peace in our anxiety so that we can take ground in our lives – no mater what the circumstance.

Don’t Dream It’s Over – John Hinton

When God chose Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he wasn’t the most likely candidate. He didn’t have the skill set or the experience…he wasn’t even living in the right country. But God chose, called and equipped him to lead change in his world. Press play to hear how you, like Nehemiah, can develop trust that unlocks destiny in this message from John Hinton.

A Time is Coming – Rachael Taylor

Nothing is too hard for God. We are not called to settle in our situations, but to live a supernatural life. God can do a ‘suddenly’, where He will make a way and open doors that no person or thing can shut. Let’s exchange doubt and hopelessness for faith and expectation, because when God moves we will see great fruit in our lives. Click play to hear how you can take hold of God’s best for you.

The Heavenly Advantage – Ian Harding

In life we can sometimes face situations that make us feel that we don’t have what it takes. But what if your lack was on a collision course with heaven’s fullness? A divine set up so that what you believed was impossible can become possible? Press play to hear this message on how to take hold of the heavenly advantage in your life from Pastor Ian Harding.

Blueprints: The Life-Giving Power of Habits

We all want to be a better version of ourselves. A better friend. Better at keeping in touch. Better at managing our money. Better at making time for the relationships that matter. Better at working out regularly. Better at being healthy. Better at achieving our goals.
God has not just called us to live a a big life. He wants to show us, and empower us in, the keys to sustaining that life. Press play to find our how in in this message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Miracles and Messengers – Ian Harding

In Part Two of our Christmas mini-series, Pastor Ian unpacks the power of a simple “yes”. What lay on the other side of Mary’s “yes” to God’s plan was significant – the salvation plan for humanity. God wants to use your “yes” to unlock miracles in your life. Press play to find out how.

Climate Control – Kat Harding

“The tongue has the power of life and death” – Proverbs 18:21. The words you speak have so much power! You’ve been given the ability to set the atmosphere around your life to see all that God has promised come alive. Press play to hear how you can unlock this power in your world in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.

The Purpose Factor – Ian Harding

Sometimes, in this race of life, as we’re running from meeting to meeting, task to task, responsibility to responsibility, it can sometimes feel like we’re not taking ground. But God’s heart and plan is that we would run to WIN. To take ground, to break through, to see our our dreams come alive. Press play to discover  how you can run to win in this  message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Summer Breeze – Simon Taylor

Contentment – a state of peaceful happiness. It’s something we all want, but sometimes we look for it in the wrong places and end up feeling dissatisfied in life. In this message, Pastor Simon talks to us about the common killers of contentment, and shows us the example of Paul, who claimed to be “content in every circumstance.” Press play to find out how you can be content whatever the weather!

It’s Your Turn – Rachael Taylor

Have you ever felt like life has passed you by? That time and chance have happened to everyone around you, but your still waiting on your opportunity. But in this message, Pastor Rachael wants you to know – IT’S YOUR TURN! Press play to find out how to maximise every opportunity that comes your way.

Flawsome (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

God is AWESOME. We are FLAWED. This tension defines our Christian experience as we learn to work within it. When we are weak, he is strong. Ultimately, it’s the battles we face that brings out the strength of Christ in our lives. Listen now to find out how to embrace the FLAWESOMENESS of life.

Flawsome (Part 1) – Simon Taylor

God’s awesome. We’re flawed. Together, we’re FLAWSOME! None of us are perfect – we’ll never be this side of heaven. But rather than brushing our FLAWS under the carpet, God wants to alloy them with his AWESOME. Press play to find out how to journey with God’s AWESOME plan of the local church when it’s filled with FLAWED people.

Origins (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

We’re all pilgrims, but that doesn’t mean we are wandering aimlessly. Rather we walk with intent, from origin to destination. In the next part of this series Pastor Simon takes a look at the life of Abram on his journey to becoming Abraham to encourage us on our own journey of faith.

Origins (Part 1) – Simon Taylor

Everything begins somewhere. We’re all on a journey – not wandering aimlessly – but from origin to destination. Understanding other people’s origins helps us to see our own future success as achievable. In this message Ps Simon looks at the “backstory” of Abram to inspire us to continue on our own journey of faith.

Dangerous Liaisons (Part 3: Keep Dreaming) – Simon Taylor

“When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed” Psalm 126. God has incredible dreams for your life…DANGEROUS dreams! It’s the God-dream that inspires us for the future and encourages us in the now. We stand on the firm hope of what he’s already done and on the threshold of all he wants to do. Let’s keep dreaming.

Dangerous Liaisons (Part 1: Exit the shadows) – Rachael Taylor

Dangerous Liaisons: our greatest danger is that we stop living dangerously. There’s so many things in our lives that can make us want to stay hidden, to stay in the shadows. But that’s not how God intended us to live. In this message Ps Rachael encourages us to Exit the Shadows into the fullness of all God has for our lives.

Don’t Skip Leg Day (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

God may not always give us the answer we want, but he’ll always give us the strengthening we need. If Jesus hadn’t gone THROUGH Gethsemane, he wouldn’t have won at Calvary. God sometimes brings us THROUGH the tough stuff in the now, for a victory in the future. The second part of this series will encourage and inspire you to keep going on Leg Day for what’s on the other side.

Don’t Skip Leg Day (Part 1) – Simon Taylor

Just because something is tough doesn’t mean it’s wrong. In order to keep in proper shape, we can’t skip leg day. God is making something in each of us – a unique destiny – and it’s the tough stuff that brings it out of us. In this message Pastor Simon unpacks the process God uses to propel us into all he has for us.

Are We There Yet? – Becky Gordon

“Are we there yet?” – the question heard (just a few) times during every family road trip! We all have somewhere we want to be, but sometimes it feels like a long time coming! In this message Pastor Becky unpacks some keys on how we can do the journey of faith well while we’re on the way to our promised land.