Nothing Is Everything – Lois Willis

God specialises in turning your nothing into something – something spectacular. As you realise that nothing is never nothing with God, embrace the power of surrendering your something to God, you’ll then discover EVERYTHING that God has for your life. 

This message uncovers the way in which God can turn your nothing, no where, no way areas into abundant places. It will transform the way you see what’s in your hand.  

Hit Factory Sunday – Hope City Birmingham

Join us for Hit Factory Sunday as we’re blessed with not one, not two, but three God-inspired messages from three incredible people in the life of our church:

Pioneers: How To Run And Not Quit – Andy Coulson

Silent Night: Finding Strength In Stillness – Kookie Chilengwe

King Of Kings: How To Turn A Manger Into A Throne – Nathan Li


You don’t want to miss this!