Collective Strength – Simon Taylor

As a body of believers, let’s live life: Undaunted and Fearless, Unswerving and Unstoppable, Disciplined and Determined. That is how we’ll storm this city with the Gospel and see His salvation come. Click play to hear this empowering message from Pastor Simon Taylor. 

Destiny Defining Decisions (Part 3) – Shola Ameobi

“God is calling us to stand out, but it’s our decision not to stay hidden.” In this final instalment of our ‘Destiny Defining Decisions’ series, Pastor Shola encourages us to put our faith in action and shine God’s light in a dark world. Click play to listen!

Destiny Defining Decisions (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

God’s desired destiny for the church requires us each being humble, patient and graciously working together. In the second instalment of our series, Pastor Simon encourages us to choose the destiny defining decision of remaining. Click play to be inspired by this message!

Destiny Defining Decisions – Rachael Taylor

What things do you hope for in 2020? The decisions you make can be so significant for your year. There is more that God wants to stir up within you! Click play to hear the first instalment of our ‘Destiny Defining Decisions’ series by Pastor Rachael Taylor.

Hosea (Part 3) – What God Wants For Christmas – Simon Taylor

When we lose love, we lose all. Without truth, anything goes. And without knowledge, we can’t actively outwork our faith. In this message, Pastor Simon unpacks the three things that God wants, and calls us to come back to a deep and close relationship with Him. Click play to hear more!

Hosea (Part 2) – Hosea Loved Gomer Like Buddy Loves Christmas – Simon Taylor

Gods love for us is more than a feeling. It’s a choice. It goes beyond what is expected or reasonable, and it’s always His goal with us. In part two of this series, Pastor Simon continues to unpack the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

Hosea (Part 1) – You Called Your Kids What?! – Simon Taylor

God calls a scattered people and makes them a united people. He called unloved people and makes them loved people, and He calls orphans and makes them children of God. In part one of this series, Pastor Simon unpacks the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

The Set Up – Shola Ameobi

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free” – Galatians 5:1. In Christ, we are SET UP for true and lasting freedom. Click play to hear Pastor Shola unpack how we can experience this freedom, no matter what season or circumstance we are in.

Go Again – Rachael Taylor

No matter what age we are or stage of life we are in, there is a call of God upon us. A call to leave the grandstands and take our place on the playing field. A call to Go Again! Click play to listen to this inspiring message from Pastor Rachael Taylor.

For Every Good Work (Part 2) – I am Generous

God’s blessing in our lives was never meant to have a full stop. It’s God’s design that His abundant blessing would not just meet our need, but would flow through us in generosity to advance His Kingdom here on earth. Click play to find out more.

The Second Day – Pastor Rachael Taylor

On the first day Jesus died. On the third He was resurrected. But what happened on the second day, when all was quiet and the disciples could have allowed doubts to creep in? Click play to discover how to navigate your second day experiences!

Woe For What? – Simon Taylor

In the book of Matthew, Jesus speaks of seven “woes”. If the Beatitudes reveal what pleases God, then these woes reveal what displeases God. Jesus’ words here are strong, but are given out of love and to serve as a warning to save us and help us grow. There is so much wisdom packed into these woes.
Press play to discover more in this message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

A Mother’s Request – Simon Taylor

Jesus says, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”
True greatness is not about power, status or position, it’s about our attitude and our heart for service. Jesus came to earth to serve and to give His life as a ransom so that we can be free. What can we do with this freedom He’s won for us?
Click play to find out more!

Anazao – Rachael Taylor

‘’Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people alive.’’- Ravi Zacharias
God has a significant life of purpose for each of us: not retreating back into to the tomb of our old selves, but made “alive again” in Christ. 
Press play to find out how to live your life alive and empowered in this message from Pastor Rachael Taylor.

An Audience with Shola and Jenny Ameobi

‘I realised that football wasn’t who I am, football was what I did. Who I am is a child of God.’
Former Newcastle United star Shola Ameobi shares his journey of faith through his career as a professional footballer on and off the pitch, plus his wife Jenny Ameobi shares her side of the story.

Click play now to listen to their inspiring testimony!

Metamorphoō – Simon Taylor

Metamorphoō: “to transform”. Our Christian walk is all about transformation. This is more than an outward change: it’s a change from the inside out. God doesn’t get to work on you by scrubbing hard on the outside and eventually getting to your core. It’s a change on the inside that becomes visible on the outside. Press play to discover how you can transform into all he’s called you to be in this message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

Moving Out of Settleville – Rachael Taylor

Genesis 13:14-15 says ‘Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever.’ What do you see? What is it that you want? And what is it that you’re settling for? Nothing is impossible for God! We have the same authority as God within us. It is time to claim that which He has already given to you. Click play to hear how you can move out of settleville and relentlessly pursue the life that God has for you!

Advance (Part 3) – Simon Taylor

Who is Jesus to you? And what will you do with this knowledge? These questions are placed before us all. Our answer is shown everyday by what we believe and how we behave. The way we respond makes an eternity of difference. We can’t have a saving faith based on what others believe, but on our own personal understanding of God himself.

Click play to hear Pastor Simon dive into the final instalment of our Advance series.

Advance (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

The kingdom of heaven is advancing and we are called to advance with it! There’s no neutrality in the faith life; lukewarm living works against God’s purpose, not for it. His intention for us is a life of rising with passion. In the second message of our Advance series, we learn that God purposes, equips, cares for and commits to where he calls us. Click play to hear how you can live empowered today!

Advance – Simon Taylor

The kingdom of God is forcefully advancing, but if we want to see God’s dream for our lives become reality, it requires a response from us. We need to lay hold of it with force! We are not called to settle for a life of little advancement, but of one in which we rise up and conquer. God has made His move, now it’s your turn.

Press play to find out how to #Advance in your life in this message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

Replanted in Eden – Steph Young

Every season of our lives is an opportunity to be intentional and to lock into the purpose God has for us. God can use every season to grow us. Our growth and purpose are not dependant on our outward situation, but on how we choose to react to the season we are in. To bear much fruit in every season, we need to trust the gardener.

Click play to hear how you can embrace your current season, and find the purpose that God intends for you right now.

Citizens: Unyielding – Rachael Taylor

There are so many things in life that try to make us sit down, but we are called to stand in faith. As Christians, we need to be unyielding in the face of fear. We have to choose: who will we serve? Who will we believe? And who will we become? Click play to listen to part four of our Citizens series.

Citizens: Fantastic Blessings and Where To Find Them – Simon Taylor

Our pursuit of righteousness is expressed whenever we put His desires above our own, and live out His will, not just ours. In part three of our Citizens series, Pastor Simon unpacks the Beatitudes. and how the blessings of God often come in ways we may not always expect.

Click play to listen to how you can inherit the blessings God has for your life.

Citizens: Active Duty – Simon Taylor

“Active Duty” is a full time occupation as part of a military force, as opposed to reserve duty. As CITIZENS of heaven, we’re not called to live life in reserve, but to the full, for our King and His cause. Click play to hear our Citizens series continue with this message from Pastor Simon Taylor. 

Citizens: Hallmarks of Heaven – Shola Ameobi

Matthew 5:14 says, “You’re are here to be light, bringing out the God colours in the world.” As Citizens of Heaven, our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God and to live the Kingdom life. We are called to live on purpose, radiating His essence and exemplifying the Hallmarks of Heaven.

Click play to listen to the first instalment of our Citizens series, from Pastor Shola Ameobi.

A Time Is Coming – Rachael Taylor

Nothing is too hard for God. We are not called to settle in our situations, but to live a supernatural life. God can do a ‘suddenly’, where He will make a way and open doors that no person or thing can shut. Let’s exchange doubt and hopelessness for faith and expectation, because when God moves we will see great fruit in our lives. Click play to hear how you can take hold of God’s best for you.