Dare to Dream – Ps Andrew Hoyes

Everything we accomplish tomorrow started with a dream today – It’s time to get up and start dreaming again, even when adversity states you should stay down! Listen in as guest speaker Ps Andrew Hoyes from Resurgent Church, Montreal, teaches us how to dream bigger than ever before and how when we do, big things happen. Learn to dream again – we dare you!

Striding Out – Ps Beth Blois

Pastor Beth Blois brings an inspiring message about taking distance; The drive phase of tiring and effort is over, we are now hitting our stride, it’s no longer about powering on, but time to stride out!

Own It 1: Inhabit Your Inheritence – Ps David Stoner

The New Year brings about it resolutions to change the old habits and bring in the new ones, but God’s interested in what you choose to inhabit this year. Listen in to the first of the series to find out how we can inhabit who we are in God, the purposes He has for us and how we can live in it daily this year.

The Wise Ones Keep a Jar Full – Ps David Stoner

God has incredibles plan for life, both in the city and regions around you, but it’s not meant to happen without YOU! The plans will happen anyway, but they’re not supposed to be missing you from them! It’s God’s intention to get you on the inside so you don’t miss out on being part of these amazing plans – listen in now to find out how!