Who lives in a House like this? – Chris Denham

We have a need to be home which can only be satisfied by being in the presence of God. We can’t go back to the garden, so there are only two places left: the house of brokenness or the new temple that is Jesus. Which house are you living in? Tune into the first message of our Dream Offering series from Pastor Chris Denham, preached live at Hope City Church in Leeds.

Present In The Process – Sarah Percy

“When we lean into our heart, we learn who we truly are and where we’re truly at”, join us for this message from Pastor Sarah Percy on conference Sunday at Hope City Leeds. After prophesying in the spirit, Sarah teaches us to dig into the depths of our heart, allowing it to beat again. Stay purposeful in the process of the transformational power of the cross being at work in your life.

Going Back Is Not Going Backwards – Dave Gilpin

“Let everything we do come out of the freshness of love, miracles come from first love.” Going Back Is Not Going Backwards is a brilliant and inspiring message from Ps Dave Gilpin preached live at our Hope City Leeds Sunday service. This message has the potential to stop fear of the future and allows God to call us back into love. Ps Dave Gilpin encourages us to get back on the apostolic train, to get back to living by faith and not by feelings.

Through The Keyhole – Episode Three

In this four part series, we get right inside the actual homes of four of our favourite location pastors of HopeCity! Then get ready for some of the most outstanding wisdom on marriage, family, ministry and personal health. It’s a must see!

Episode Three – How to stay sane with Leeds Pastors Chris and Gosia Denham