Stockholm Syndrome – Jenny Gilpin

Let’s not become enamoured with what’s keeping us from moving boldly into all God has for us. Fear. Resignation. Settling for smallness. Retraction. These things can hold us hostage: we’ve got to see them for what they are and fight to break free!

Tune in to this week’s podcast with Ps Jenny Gilpin as she exposes the Stockholm Syndrome hindering our walk with God.

Are We There Yet? – Jenny Gilpin

In our changing world, it is so easy to have a fluctuating faith! We’re all-in one moment, and completely doubting the next. But how can we remain steadfast and consistently trust in God in the face of changing winds? In the face of uncertainty? In our impatience in getting to our destination? Senior Pastor Jenny Gilpin brings reassurance in this message as she unpacks the story of Moses leading the Israelites to the Promised Land, via a route none of them were expecting.

Shock Proof – Jenny Gilpin

There is a birthing in this time and in this season that will be unprecedented. A birthing of men and women with a different spirit. A fearless spirit.

In this message Pastor Jenny, encourages us to stand firm in the midst of a shock. To still our hearts and minds and hold onto God and the promises He has spoken. To be strong and courageous.

Living on the Fault Line – Jenny Gilpin


Victory doesn’t come from misinterpreting your season.  The discomfort you are living in, is leading you to lean in to your limitations. 

An eruption should be expected. A change and expansion is happening within you in order to welcome the move of the Spirit of God. The earthquake of breakthrough lies beneath the season of discomfort.

You are about to get some keys to growth that won’t bore you!

Sorry Not Sorry – Jenny Gilpin

Humility and the act of saying sorry is completely counterculture to the heart of man, there is something in us that keeps us from wanting to open ourselves to others. 

As a christian you are designed to be countercultural, we are designed to seek redemption. Our admission of wrongdoing is the only requirement to meet a saviour, it is time to open your world and heart to God and to others around you because sorry and sorrow are a doorway to breakthrough. 

No more hiding it doesn’t suit you.

Stand – Jenny Gilpin

The more you advance in the kingdom the more you attract drama and opposition. Will you escalate the drama into melodrama? Or will you come to a new standpoint of faith on the other side of your wilderness? A message from Pastor Jenny Gilpin, preached live at Hope City Church in Sheffield then watched almost live in York.

This Is Elim – Jenny Gilpin

Where you place a flame you change the game. Jenny Gilpin seems to carve through the layers of humanness ever time she speaks and places the Word in the slither of space between soul and spirit. This message is no exception. It’s a game changer. Preached in Newcastle England, this message is called ‘This is Elim.’

The Advocate

An advocate is a person who stands in the gap in defense of another person. There are many who claim to be advocates, but there are few who have paid the ultimate price for their advocacy. Pastor Jen reminds us that we have that advocate; the one who died for his advocacy and stands at the right hand of God continually interceding on our behalf.

Go Tell – Jenny Gilpin

Some messages are game changes. This is Pastor Jenny Gilpin, speaking under the influence of the spirit, pulling down strongholds in the minds of believers and non-believers in order to take you into your God given future.

Go Tell is about changing the attitude of your mind to expand the horizon of your world.

The Leadership Knife Edge

Pastors Dave and Jenny Gilpin tag team in talking through knife edge issues of leadership in the church today. It begins with the need to create feedback friendly churches and the huge challenge of not seeing correction as rejection in an age where everyone has a rejection complex.

How to Have A Slightly Better Marriage

The pressure to have a brilliant marriage has caused a lot of marriages to go backwards and not forwards. When Ken and Barbie talk about their perfect marriage, they omit to tell you how imperfect it actually is! In this message, Pastor Dave Gilpin looks at 5 keys to have a slightly better marriage- from ignoring love languages to returning  to your first love.

The Hidden You

In everything we go through, we are faced with two options: to either harden our heart, or to open our heart. Often we choose to harden our hearts because we don’t want people to know the real ‘us’, the flawed ‘us’. The truth is that God knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us unconditionally despite our flaws. When the church grabs a hold of this truth and commits to transparency, we can start to see transformation in people’s lives.

Taken By Grace

This is Pastor Jenny’s real life story, from her adoption at a few days old to finding out the stark and painful truth about how she came into the world. As Jenny found out more about her earthly family, she discovered what the Father Heart of God truly is and how we are all forever held by grace. – Live from Sheffield

It’s Time To Take Residence – Jenny Gilpin

Sometimes it feels like God is a million miles away as we go through hard times; in this message, Pastor Jenny presents an invincible summer that can arise within you during your darker days. You will find out how every part of your today is a preparation for God’s beautiful intentions for your tomorrow. – Live from Leeds