The Conviction – Jenny Gilpin

Without conviction in our lives, we live a double life. God is not short on supply of living water; He’s never short on a vision for your life. Part 4 of the Saturate Series checks in on trusting and standing by our God-given convictions. Preached by Ps Jenny Gilpin, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

Secret Stories: when truth be told

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, our Senior Pastors, share intimate secrets about their marriage, their disappointments, their devotional life, their tension points and their now Word from God. This is how you’ve never heard them before. Stuart Otten from ‘About Face’ is the interviewer.

This Is Elim – Jenny Gilpin

Where you place a flame you change the game. Jenny Gilpin seems to carve through the layers of humanness ever time she speaks and places the Word in the slither of space between soul and spirit. This message is no exception. It’s a game changer. Preached in Newcastle England, this message is called ‘This is Elim.’

A New Footstool

Jesus is not in the business of allowing us to face challenges which he knows will break us. Jesus is not about having those things which come against us defeat us. Maybe it’s time to start seeing your challenges not as a weight to crush you, but an implement to lift you up as you stand above it. The enemy is under your feet, it’s time to step onto a new footstool.