Horizons Series: You don’t get Jesus if you don’t have Jonathan

In conclusion of the Horizons series, Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings a great word on the strength and the power of community. While David had upon him the anointing to be king, and had in his history the experience to defeat Goliath, he had Kingship in his destiny but no palace in his history. David needed Jonathan to enter into his destiny. We all need a Jonathan, and we are all someone’s Jonathan.

Horizon Series: If You’ve Seen the Lightning, You Can Believe For the Rain

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings the final instalment in the Horizons Series, with a faith-inspiring word based out of 1 Kings. Though we may see a drought and hear of a famine, we expect food and rain because we have seen the providence of God! Others may doubt the coming of the waters, but because we have seen the lightning, we can believe for the rain.