Living on the Fault Line – Jenny Gilpin


Victory doesn’t come from misinterpreting your season.  The discomfort you are living in, is leading you to lean in to your limitations. 

An eruption should be expected. A change and expansion is happening within you in order to welcome the move of the Spirit of God. The earthquake of breakthrough lies beneath the season of discomfort.

You are about to get some keys to growth that won’t bore you!

Giant Slayers – Jo Willis

There’s an unexpected power in belonging. 

Your ability to belong is inextricably linked to your gifting being released and without it giants of intimidation will continue to threaten our future. But God has built a giant slayer into each one of us, uniquely gifting us to take down giants both personally and on behalf of others, and it happens as we are we are planted in the soil of community and flourish beside the stream of the Holy Spirit. Understand that there are stages to belonging; it takes something of us, and as we move through them, God transforms us to become giant slayers on behalf of a generation. 

Going Back Is Not Going Backwards – Dave Gilpin

Sometimes you’ve got to go back in order to go forwards. Yet we are all a little scared of going back for fear of going backwards. No one wants to do that. Going back, however, is not the same as going backwards. It’s preparing you for going forwards. 

God told Elijah to go back the way he came. He wanted him to get back to his cutting edge. He wanted him to retrace his steps and go back to the place he ran from from through intense fear and doubt. 

Hope City is going back. You need to go back. Something’s missing that needs collecting. This message includes the revamp of our plans for the ‘Waverley project’. If you’ve invested into it, it’s a must listen.

Future You – Dave Gilpin

The Greater Good Series

There’s two of you- Present You and Future You. When Present You meddles with Future You’s world, the result is anxiety and burn out. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus told us to not worry for tomorrow. Matthew 6:33 explains why. It refocuses Present You to get on with the ‘greater good’ of expanding the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then allowing God, along with Future You, to get on with the ‘good’ of seeing your needs met and your destiny fulfilled. To untie Present You from Future You is your key to success.

Mountain Men – Dave Gilpin

A man without a mountain is only half a man. Every man was born for near misses, desperate challenges and traversing trouble. And when he does it for the protection and provision of others that man becomes a brother, a husband, a father. The bible tells us, ‘How beautiful  on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news…’ A man’s feet can tell you everything about the man. This podcast reveals all.

The Real You (Please Stand Up) – Dave Gilpin

What if the You that God knows is the you you’ve never truly met- the New You, the Real You, the Higher You? To have a revelation that you’re a part of the oldest aristocracy in the world and the oldest dynasty is the beginning of God revealing who you really are. You’re not you when you’re feeling small and anxious, falling for temptation and desire. You’re much bigger, stronger and immovable than you think!
The God of Reduction
This leadership message, shared at Lead Summit in England by Dave Gilpin, looks at the ‘peril’ of everything that moves- it has to lose something to gain something. For Abraham he ‘lost’ his son, for Gideon he lost almost all his men, for Joseph he lost his reputation. You may be part of a reduction right now… and it could possibly be an absolute move of God. It could be a pulling back in the bow before a propelling of the arrow to slice through the winds to hit the mark of destiny. This message will restore your confidence that God is on the move.

Nothing Is Everything – Lois Willis

God specialises in turning your nothing into something – something spectacular. As you realise that nothing is never nothing with God, embrace the power of surrendering your something to God, you’ll then discover EVERYTHING that God has for your life. 

This message uncovers the way in which God can turn your nothing, no where, no way areas into abundant places. It will transform the way you see what’s in your hand.  

Don’t Teach a Fish to Climb Trees – Dave Gilpin

50% of all of your weaknesses don’t exist. They’re fictional. We’ve mistaken non-strengths for weaknesses. Strengthen your non-strengths and the best you’ll get is average. Strengthen your strengths and you’ll find your genius. The other 50% are reversible. God places His strengths on the fault lines of your weaknesses. This message will set you free from your three greatest enemies- condemnation, accusation and perfection.

Future Proof – Dave Gilpin

This message takes the listener through the 7 things upon which your future depends and lands on- ‘The dreams you declare will never die’. On this point Dave Gilpin digresses and outlines the plans for the future Hope City Complex in a suburb called Waverley near junction 33 on the M1. If you’re a leader and want to see how to present vision, this will be a great help!

Cry Me A River Part Deux – Dave Gilpin

Psalm 46 states, ‘There is a river that makes glad the City of God.’ The river of God in your life is unstoppable. It will never run out and will transport you into all God has for you. But the river does something else-  it carries stuff away. You can’t just dump your junk on the river bank and expect to remain in the clear waters of destiny. Every river has a bridge and there comes a time where everything needs to become ‘water under the bridge’. In this message, Dave Gilpin gives us 7 keys to letting go and allowing our ‘junk’ to go under the bridge. It’s amazing what can happen when you do.

It’s Your Turn – Rachael Taylor

It’s Your Turn – How to Maximise Every Opportunity

Most things that affect your life are cyclic. They are part of something greater who’s momentum keeps you doing things that you don’t really want to be doing. Depression is often part of a cycle. Habits are definitely cyclic and bouts of anxiety are just that- bouts that continue like a boxing match. 

In this message Pastor Rachael Taylor from Hope City Newcastle attempts to break cycles by looking at a the man at the pool of Bethesda who’s been ‘cycling’ for 38 years. 

Cry Me a River – Dave Gilpin

Whether you call yourself an introvert, shy, quiet or just plain reserved, there’s a New You that supersedes the Natural You times a thousand.

The bible says that you’re not a lake, a pond, a swamp or a flood. You’re a river. Rivers flow. They’re dynamic. They‘re hard to stop. They’re heading somewhere.  And they represent everything about the new, higher You. 

Jesus declares that rivers of living water would flow from the inmost being of someone in whom the Spirit of God lives. Everything about this water is alive, dynamic, oozing to display its qualities and can’t be kept in a well. Enjoy the podcast.

The Ultimate Attitude – Louise Davies

Often we find ourselves in situations where things look bleak and need a change, Hope City Teaching Pastor Louise Davies speaks about opening the door to our next season with the key of thanksgiving. Gratitude is the ultimate attitude, there is power in the word “Thank you”. Listen as Louise unpacks the thought and gives some tips on how to cultivate a lifestyle of thankfulness.

Mending Fences – Dave Gilpin

Fences are good- good for privacy, good for personal time and good for protection. To love someone is to love their fence.

 To love their fence is to allow them space- space to back away, space to hide, space to process and space to find their own convictions on life and faith. 

To push through the fence either causes offence that results in a stronger fence of defence, or for some, leads to broken fences and no fences.

Remain in Community – Tim Ross

As part of our This New Republic weekend, Ps Tim Ross shares one of two messages about Support Systems. We all need support as we walk through life. In this message, Tim talks about how to find support by remaining in community. There are certain examples we can learn from the Bible, people from whom we can learn what not to do and how to support others by contributing to a healthy community.

Breaking Resistance – Tebo Mpanza

If you see a sign saying ‘don’t walk on the grass’, we are all struck by a great temptation to walk on the grass! When God prompts you to do something, there’s always something in you that wants to say ‘no’. It’s that ‘no’ that needs breaking. Resistance comes in all forms from a subtle pulling back to public meltdown. This message by Tebo Mpanza, Hope City Birmingham Pastor, will help you speed into your God given future by taking your foot off the brake pedal. And we all have one.

The Voice – Dave Gilpin

Calling your future out. 

Chaos marked the beginning of creation. Chaos always exists between what was and what is to come. To usher in what was to come, God spoke. He didn’t just think. He didn’t remain silent. The Word of God contains the power of God, yet the spoken word releases that power. Because the Word of God is ‘alive and active’, it’s born to be expressed. And when you express it, it never returns to heaven without accomplishing that for which it was sent.

Unboxing Possibility – Dave Gilpin

Right now you’re being unboxed. The box that held in your potential is being torn apart by unrest. To release your potential that releases all kinds of possibilities requires faith. And faith starts with a storm; a chaos and a sense of being out of control. Why? Because faith first let’s go of the old, the familiar, the usual and the worn. And that creates an uproar within us, in those who love us and in those who think they know us. To find oneself between the old and the new takes nerve. Here’s a life message to give you just that.

The Meaning of Life – Ps Dave Gilpin

To have a life of meaning is the primary driver of human souls. To do this, tables must turn, saying goodbyes must happen, storm clouds are ushered and reinventions begun. That’s why many choose to attempt to live a life of happiness only to discover that on either side of moments of happiness lies deep discontent. The more meaningful your life is, the more fulfilled you’ll become.

Chaos Theory – Dave Gilpin

Why does all hell seems to break loose soon after you get a word or a feeling that God is about to do a new thing in your world? It would appear to be the workings of an opposing force, yet the truth is that nothing natural or spiritual moves from one form of ‘order’ to a higher order without a season of chaos. 

We rarely understand this because we feel that God moves mostly through miraculous interventions, when he actually moves primarily through a process of birthing- and that’s so messy and awkward that we think something is intrinsically wrong. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Chaos in your life right now isn’t for your destruction, it’s for your releasing- God is birthing something new and better in your world.

Inklings: The 5 Levels of Desire

Your inner desires are completely linked to the will of God for your future. If you delight in Him, the Bible says, He will grant you the desires of your heart. Yet you’ll never truly be able to find them or follow them if you’re driven by demand, fear and conformity. This message teaches you how to dig through your emotional layers to find the true, life guiding passions that dwell beneath.

Don’t Judge Me – Dave Gilpin

In Matthews Gospel, 8 out of around 14 parables that Jesus gave were directly to do with judgement. We never mention it for the fear of offending. However- In this age of judgementalism where isms and phobias are thrown around both as missiles of judgment and weapons of mass bullying, Jesus parables take on a new meaning.

In the Parable of the Weeds, the owner of the field told the workers to let the wheat grow with the weeds and for them to not to even attempt to do any weeding along the way. He would do that at harvest time. He would exercise final judgement, not the workers. Jesus is telling us to be counter cultural- to spend no time judging or being judgemental about others, ourselves, our society and our world. He is the only person wise enough to make the right calls and at the right time. And until He does, we are to live with eyes of faith, not the voice of accusation.