The Secrets of the Remainers – Gosia Denham

“Remain planted, you are intricately interwoven into the vine. Jesus is the source of your life.” Pastor Gosia Denham shares with us a message about remaining rooted in the word of God. When we fill ourselves with the truth that comes from the word, we are able to remain fruitful. Preached live at Hope City Church in York.

Who lives in a House like this? – Chris Denham

We have a need to be home which can only be satisfied by being in the presence of God. We can’t go back to the garden, so there are only two places left: the house of brokenness or the new temple that is Jesus. Which house are you living in? Tune into the first message of our Dream Offering series from Pastor Chris Denham, preached live at Hope City Church in York.

Conference Sunday with Sarah Percy

After an amazing night of the Holy Spirit bringing revival in Hope City York, with many receiving words and healings from God, Sarah Percy finishes with a short message on making way for the Holy Spirit in our lives. When He starts a miracle in your life, we can’t manage it in the natural, we have to let Him do what He wants to do.

Locked Out Of Heaven – Gosia Denham

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power, the Christian life was always meant to have the breath of heaven over it. Pastor Gosia Denham shares with us a message which redefines your prayer life. Locked out of Heaven will propel you to pray persistently for life and realise your access to heaven. Preached live at Hope City Church in York.

Shut The Door – Chris Denham

It starts with shutting the door and seeking God, the only thing that is meant to overwhelm us is the presence of God. Join us live at Hope City York as we kick off 2020 with a powerful message from Ps Chris Denham. This is a message to propel you into everything God has for you this year through seeking and living for the one God

Which Jesus? – Chris Denham

Intervention Jesus is definitely more Hollywood, but sleeping Jesus is far more powerful. Which Jesus are you chasing after? A message from Pastor Chris Denham on staying calm in the storms of life, preached live at Hope City Church in York (except for the first 60 seconds which are from Leeds).