EGO Series: Go Get Goliath

Lead Pastor Colin Blois continues the EGO series, with another inspiring message looking at the Genius of YOU! The truth is that when you are facing your Goliath, you are the bigger person in the fight and you have what you need to win! Your strength and gifts are all you need to overcome whatever you are facing this week.

EGO Series: Alter Ego

Lead Pastor Colin Blois introduces the EGO Series, based around the genius within – the giant within you is greater than the giants you face. If, as A.W. Tozer states, the most important thing about us is what comes to mind when we think about God, the second most important thing is what comes to mind when we think of ourselves.

God’s Not Finished Yet – James Macpherson

Pastor James Macpherson, lead pastor of Calvary Christian Centre, Townsville, Australia, brings an exceptional message on Whitefields Conference Sunday. It’s not a problem to still be looking towards the fruition of all the promises of God – because God’s still working on your behalf, he’s still got more to do – God’s not finished yet!

EGO Series: You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are

We think it is our strength and through being strong that God can work in us, but the bible is filled with demonstrations of God using us in and through our weakness, not our strength! Because of your weakness God can move, your weakness allows Christ’s strength to enter – you’re stronger than you think you are!

There’s No Please In The Prayer – Colin Blois

The Lord’s prayer is a snapshot of everything God has promised us, purposed for us, and provided for us in Jesus. There is no please in the Lord’s prayer, yet we all live with hesitancy in our spirits. Pastor Colin Blois encourages us to embrace the sonship that we have through Christ Jesus; we don’t have to twist God’s arm for Him to do good on our behalf!

Horizons Series: You don’t get Jesus if you don’t have Jonathan

In conclusion of the Horizons series, Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings a great word on the strength and the power of community. While David had upon him the anointing to be king, and had in his history the experience to defeat Goliath, he had Kingship in his destiny but no palace in his history. David needed Jonathan to enter into his destiny. We all need a Jonathan, and we are all someone’s Jonathan.

Horizon Series: If You’ve Seen the Lightning, You Can Believe For the Rain

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings the final instalment in the Horizons Series, with a faith-inspiring word based out of 1 Kings. Though we may see a drought and hear of a famine, we expect food and rain because we have seen the providence of God! Others may doubt the coming of the waters, but because we have seen the lightning, we can believe for the rain.

The King is in the Cup

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings an incredible message on First Fruits Sunday. It’s easy to think that the King is in the castle, that things are simply as they appear to be. Pastor Colin unpacks 1 Samuel 16, where as Samuel pours oil upon David he is filled with the Holy Spirit. The power is not in the position, but in the anointing. The King is not in the placement, the King is in the anointing; the King is in the cup.

You Smell So Good

Paul says that we are the aroma of Christ to God. In other words when the fragrance of your life rises into the nostrils of your heavenly Father, He smells Jesus. Or to put it more simply, you smell like Jesus. In fact when God smells your life you make Him think and feel as He does about Jesus. Why? Because you remind the Father of Jesus. You smell so good!

A Faith God Shouts About

Lead Pastor Colin Blois continues the open house series, with an inspiring message on Faith. We can feel like we should have enough faith to get rid of the storms, but God lets the storm rage around us because he knows the faith will stir and stand within us. We encounter storms because we have a faith God wants to shout about.

Faithcasts: When Faith Just Trusts

Lead Pastor Colin Blois returns to the ‘Faithcasts’ series about our future being based on our faith not our history. Faith is not about being sure that ‘I can’, but knowing that while ‘I cannot’, He can, He does and He will!

Our Meal is for the Multitude

Lead Pastor Colin Blois kicks off the brand new series inspiring us to live lives of faith. A forecast is based on previous experiences, but a faithcast bases future expectations not on former patterns but on the person of Christ! When we step out in faith of who God is, He will always come good and work the miracle.

The Becoming of Human – Part 2 – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings an enlightening messaage as the second part of this series based out Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae. Preaching from Colossians 2 & 3, Ps Colin shares how we do not need to get into the good grace and favour of God by working with a religious spirit; you are already Christ’s favourite. Before any work, effort or striving you are already in the favour of Christ!

Lay A Place – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois concludes the Populous series of Heaven’s people on Earth, with an empowering message based on Jesus’ relationship with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Once Christ calls us out of the grave, He isn’t finished! He wants to journey us to the table that we would establish and be established in community.

Don’t Pass Martha – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois kicks off the Populous series on Heaven’s People on Earth, with an incredible message from John 11. Jesus raises us to life, but we need to be in community with one another because He uses other people to outwork our miracle. Jesus uses the people in our lives to bring about the miraculous – Martha is not just a spectator to the miracle; don’t pass Martha!

Out Of The Struggle Comes A Double – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings a stirring message as we prepare for First Fruits Sunday at the end of September, all about the doubling God is waiting to give on the other side of our struggle. Struggles are not designed to highlight our brokenness but to indicate the blessing we have not yet attained which is on the other side. As we give the first of what we have it opens the floodgates of Heaven to pour out blessing upon us!

Nothing Is Normal – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings a rallying message for us as we head into September and the ‘normality’ which that can feel like. As we go back into our world after the summer and return to normal, know that everything is different. What we routinely expect is what we have routinely experienced; we need to raise our expectation of what normalcy brings in order to raise our experience!

Lifted by Faith – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings an insightful word as the final instalment of the Weight Lifters series. We can often think the weight of our baggage will stop us from arriving at our destination, but actually our ticket tells us that God wants us there! Don’t be held back by the problems you think restrict you but be carried by grace and let your baggage be lifted by faith.

I’m Just Not Sure I Care Anymore – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois brings an encouraging and hard-hitting message as part three of the Weight Lifters series. As much as we want to succeed and excel in life, we are released to be carefree because Jesus cares on our behalf – we do not need to be careful and caught up on measuring success by worldly victories when God cares FOR us, infinitely and relentlessly.

Jericho Calls: Living In The Cause – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois launches us into 2015 with an incredibly prominent first message in the Jericho series. Everything we do, even living for the cause comes out of a place of living IN the cause – we don’t need to stretch to attain a certain standard when Jesus has already bought our future victories!

Jericho Calls: The Scarlet Cord – Colin Blois

Ps Colin Blois brings an incredible message on the story of Rahab as the Jericho Calls series continues. Because Rahab knew what she wanted, she walked straight out of her door and right into the lineage of Christ! Rahab’s request ‘Just save my family’ must be the basis for our request and our invitations.