I’m Triggered – Tebo Mpanza

Are there any areas of your life that feel a bit cluttered? Any place where, if even the smallest button is pressed, you’re triggered?

It’s been easy in this stay-at-home season to get caught up in the clutter. To feel as though we have to do everything and be everyone to make sure all bases are covered. But trying to fulfil all these areas in our own strength can not only build up our frustrations, but sap our strength in and devotion to Christ.

We need to chill and regain our zeal! Figure out how you can do that in your own life with this week’s podcast message from Ps Tebo Mpanza.

I’m In Transition – Tebo Mpanza

Transition is the process of changing from one state or condition to another. As followers of Christ we are always in transition, but sometimes these transitions can feel like we’re being tossed around by the wind and waves. Pastor Tebo teaches us how we can cling to Jesus during the storms of transition.

Get On The Wall: How To Deal With Opposition – Tebo Mpanza

When you try to step out in faith and do something great there is always opposition. The enemy doesn’t target the lukewarm of faith, but those who burn passionately for God. Listen in as Pastor Tebo addresses how we can deal with spiritual opposition.

Distribution Dilemma – Gosia Denham

We can approach our lives thinking that there is a distribution problem in heaven – we see others being blessed with gifts, whilst we are seemingly forgotten. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Perhaps heaven doesn’t have a distribution dilemma, so much as we have a recognition dilemma. Pastor Gosia encourages us to shift our perception to see heaven’s blessing as doors of opportunity rather than neatly packaged gifts.

No More Drama: The Art Of Not Giving A Damn – Becky Mpanza

Empathy enables us to understand a person’s feelings in a given situation by putting us in their shoes. It’s an amazing trait to have, but don’t become so empathetic that you’re weighed down by the heaviness of their situation, and are unable to act compassionately towards them. Pastor Becky encourages us to stop allowing empathy to restrict us, so we can move in to compassion.

The Resolve: Fueling Your New Year Resolutions – Jo Willis

We all love the idea of having resolutions for the new year, but we’re often discouraged when we don’t see these resolutions all the way through. Pastor Jo Willis encourages us that change is a byproduct of our relationship with God. Fuel your resolutions with a fresh revelation of God.

Hit Factory Sunday – Hope City Birmingham

Join us for Hit Factory Sunday as we’re blessed with not one, not two, but three God-inspired messages from three incredible people in the life of our church:

Pioneers: How To Run And Not Quit – Andy Coulson

Silent Night: Finding Strength In Stillness – Kookie Chilengwe

King Of Kings: How To Turn A Manger Into A Throne – Nathan Li


You don’t want to miss this!

Remain In Community – Tim Ross

Tune in to this powerful message shared by Pastor Tim Ross at our Sheffield location. The same sin that is able to destroy individuals can also destroy community. Prepare to be challenged as Pastor Tim Ross leads us through Biblical examples of what NOT to do if we want to remain in community.