Now it Gets Personal Part 2 – Vanessa Hoyes

It is imperative to know what is on the other side of your digging…it is the wall of breakthrough. 

Ps Vanessa gives us 7 keys to breakthrough.  The act of reflection on all areas on ones life can tell you how closer you are to your breakthrough. 

The Holy Spirit will help you to go into open and uncomfortable places, we are called to be in these places often because no one else is willing to go but there is a shift of what God is doing! God is going to go beyond your imagination.

It’s About You And It’s Not Just About You!

Now It Gets Personal Part 1- Vanessa Hoyes

Ps Vanessa  introduces a different perspective of how we are used by God. She uses the example of a well to explain that every individual stands as a well in there community and before there is breakthrough of water, there is some digging to be done. 

Any time the people of God dig wells, people life flourish. 

This message will help you explore the questions what wells do you need to dig up in order for you to be effective in your community?

What does it mean to access living water not just for you but for the world around you?