Table Talks – Episode 1 – South Street Kitchen

Episode one of the This New Republic Table Talks.

Listen in to Pastor Colin and Beth Blois, Pastor Jo Willis and Pastor Tebo Mpanza as they have a conversation about life, the church, and all things students and young adults.

Listen To The City – Tebo Mpanza

Joshua had a promise from God, but not a directive. Quite often, God will tell us the “what”, but not always the “how”. Pastor Tebo encourages us to do as Joshua did – gather information about your city, and use that knowledge to develop a strategy to take it.

Homecoming: The Greatest Comeback – Tebo Mpanza

Jesus’ followers must have lost all hope when they saw his death on the cross, but what seemed like the lowest point in their lives became the greatest comeback ever.

Perhaps you feel like it’s the end of a chapter, and that everything you placed your hope in is dead. Be encouraged by Pastor Tebo’s message this Resurrection Sunday that just as Jesus’ story didn’t end with the grave , neither will yours.

The One Thing – Tebo Mpanza

We fill our lives with the things around us so much that we miss out on the most precious thing of all – time with Jesus. We’ve tucked Jesus away, and yet we wonder why our days are filled with chaos and anxiety. Put Jesus first, and everything else will fall into place.

Something About You – Tebo Mpanza

Who am I? We often don’t have good things to say about ourselves, but what does God say about us? Pastor Tebo encourages us to realize that there is something special about you and me. We have been hand-crafted by God Himself; we are made in His image and likeness.

Unlikely Places Unfamiliar Spaces – Tebo Mpanza

God wants to send us into unlikely places and unfamiliar spaces in this season. Being obedient to God will open doors that we would never have anticipated or expected. What are you waiting for? Marry your faith with your faithfulness to God.

Dangerous Liaisons (Part 3: The Dangerous Church) – Tebo Mpanza

Divided we fall but united we stand. In part 3 of the series Pastor Tebo Mpanza unpacks how the church can be dangerous in building passionate followers of Jesus Christ and furthering the kingdom of God in our world.