Destiny Defining Decisions (Part Three): Influencers – Steph Young

As Christians, we are destined to be INFLUENCERS in this world. Living a life of effect and impact. Living in the power of the Holy Spirit. Living to be a light in the darkness, authentically bringing hope to the hopeless.⁠ Press play to find out more in this message from Steph Young.

Replanted in Eden – Steph Young

Every season of our lives is an opportunity to be intentional and to lock into the purpose God has for us. God can use every season to grow us. Our growth and purpose are not dependant on our outward situation, but on how we choose to react to the season we are in. To bear much fruit in every season, we need to trust the gardener.

Click play to hear how you can embrace your current season, and find the purpose that God intends for you right now.

Finding Freedom – Steph Young

We are all called to fulfil a great purpose in our lives, but sometimes we can be held back by many restrictions.

Looking at the bible story of Namaan’s healing in 2 Kings, Steph brings us 4 ways how we can get focus on God in our daily lives in order to find freedom in our walk of faith with God.