The Miracle’s in Motion (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

Our future declaration. Our current reality. The miracle’s in motion. We always want things NOW but God is interested in the PROCESS. You might not see it yet, but your miracle is in motion. You’re in the middle of the process. God is doing something amazing in your life.

Love Yourself – Simon Taylor

Have you ever wondered what happened to Barnabas? One minute he’s busy rising and releasing Saul, the next he drops off the pages of biblical history. Here’s the thing, Barnabas was not swayed by popular opinion or ‘the way he should be’. He was true to who God had called him to be and went on to fulfil his call in God’s private journals. This Valentines Day message will encourage and release you to Love Yourself.

The Power of Togetherness – Vicki Simpson

We were honoured to host Pastor Vicki Simpson on our special Mother’s Day Sunday. This rocket-fuel word will spark something brand new in your walk with God and connection to His house: when those from the same tribe gather together, God commands his blessing. This is a spiritual force. This is family.

The Prayer of Jabez: Strengthen Me – Simon Taylor

“O that your hand would be with me”. God’s strength covers every area of your life, whether you realise it or not! It’s as we align our thinking with God’s word that we step into accessing his strength to it’s full extent – The Prayer of Jabez preached live at Hope City Sunderland by Pastor Simon Taylor

The Prayer of Jabez: Bless Me – Simon Taylor

God has absolutely everything you need to fulfil your destiny piled up in heaven with your name on it. It’s time to speak it into being. In this message Pastor Simon sets us up for an awesome month as we begin our 21 days of prayer and fasting – The Prayer of Jabez preached live at Hope City Sunderland by Pastor Simon Taylor