Artisans 3 – Lisa Stoner

When Abraham was shown a vision of his future, he was being shown something far bigger than himself.

We, too, are called to a future that is far bigger than us, one that will take both the hand of man and the presence of God to reach.

Listen as Pastor Lisa helps us to smash what we see is inevitable, and to instead look to God and trust for something far greater!

The Next Step – Lisa Stoner

Your next step has the possibility to shape and change your life. It can change the parameters, open up new possibilities and allow you to step into a new level of your walk with God. Take a moment today as Pastor Lisa shows us how to take that step and why it matters.

Collective Brilliance – Lisa Stoner

We often stop at ‘this will do’ because we haven’t yet seen what is possible. With deciding to partner with pacesetters in our lives, we find ourselves stepping up and lifting what we do the next level. Listen as Pastor Lisa helps us to develop strong partnerships with God and see the level up in our lives.