The Power of Momentum – Kat Harding

“It’s not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit.” These are the words that God spoke to Zerubbabel to bring momentum back to what he had called him to do. What if the obstacles in our lives aren’t there to hold us back, but are instead, God’s calling card to faith? Press play to hear how, by faith, you can grab hold of the power of momentum today.

You’ve Got to Get Dressed for Success – Kat Harding

Have you ever felt like there’s somewhere you’re meant to be…but you can’t quite seem to get there? Maybe past experience, the opinion of others or insecurity is holding you back from moving forward. Don’t worry…it’s not over…it’s just that a new season requires a new wardrobe. Press play to find out some key things you can put on in Christ everyday to access your future.

Envoy: The Power of Living Inside Out – Kat Harding

Jesus doesn’t send us out and just leave us to it…he’s with us every step of the journey.That means that no matter where we go or what sphere we find ourselves in, we never leave the borders of our home country – the Kingdom of God. Rather, we take it with us wherever we go. Press play to find out how you can grab hold of the power of living inside out.

Dangerous Liaisons (Part 4: See This New Thing) – Kat Harding

“Forget the former thing. Do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing” – God is always up to something new! It’s not a fad, not a one-off event, not a flash in the pan, but the very nature of God. And he invites us in on the new thing he’s doing. In this message Ps Kat encourages us to see afresh and step into all that God is unfolding in our lives.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Kat Harding

Right after Jesus died, the disciples found themselves locked up in at atmosphere of uncertainty, disappointment and fear. But in one moment, with one breath of fresh air, Jesus came an release them from that atmosphere and into all that he had called them to do. This is the same breath that Jesus wants to breath into us today – to release us from the atmospheres that surround us and into all that he has in store!