Jo Willis – There’s More to the Miracle

Students & Young Adults Pastor Jo Willis brings an incredible message about the hand of God as we travel into and through our miracle. We can think when we’re in the miracle that all that matters is the outcome, but on the journey, God can work wonders in our hearts and open our eyes to His goodness.

Ditch Diggers – Jo Willis

Sometimes it’s not the glamorous heights¬†we need to seek to serve our God-given dreams. Sometimes we need to dig down, to dig in with prayerfulness and faith. Ditches don’t just supply your present, they serve your future. We need to be a people who pray, a family who look to God, a body of ditch diggers.

The Spectacular Inconvenience – Jo Willis

There’s nothing convenient about life with God. Pastor Jo Willis shares a powerful message about stepping out of our comfort and convenience.¬† There’s something beautiful about the inconveniences of God, because there’s something spectacular to be found on the other side.