Glory Days (Part Two) It’s Right In Front Of You – Ian Harding

In life we can so easily miss what’s right in front of us. A life that is bigger, better and bolder isn’t somewhere out there. It’s right in front of you. Press play to find out more in this message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Rhythms – Ian Harding

Life has rhythms. These rhythms impact our daily experience of life. For Jesus, He lived by rhythms that saw Him accomplish everything His Father had called Him to.⁠ Jesus is calling you to His rhythms. It’s time to embrace more of His life, in your life. As you embrace them, you too can accomplish all Jesus is calling you to. ⁠ Press play to find out more!

Destiny Defining Decisions (Part One): Inner Stance – Ian Harding

The success of this year will not be defined by your circumstance, but by your inner stance.⁠ Press play to give your 2020 a great start with this message from Pastor Ian Harding as he unpacks the first part of our series: Destiny Defining Decisions.

The Echo Chamber – Ian Harding

We all have an Echo Chamber and there are so many voices that can fill it. The voice of friends. The voice of family. The voice of familiarity. The voice of what we watch. The voice of what we read. The voice of our past. Our experience. Our disappointment. Our fears. It can all start to get pretty noisy. Jesus faced the same dilemma. But he chose to fill his Echo Chamber with the voice of his Father in Heaven. We can do the same. Press play to find out how this in this message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Taking Ground – Ian Harding

There’s no doubt we love the victory moments in life. But what do we do when things don’t quite go to plan? Click play to discover how God can impart strength in our weakness, faith in our fear and peace in our anxiety so that we can take ground in our lives – no mater what the circumstance.

The Heavenly Advantage – Ian Harding

In life we can sometimes face situations that make us feel that we don’t have what it takes. But what if your lack was on a collision course with heaven’s fullness? A divine set up so that what you believed was impossible can become possible? Press play to hear this message on how to take hold of the heavenly advantage in your life from Pastor Ian Harding.

Blueprints: The Life-Giving Power of Habits

We all want to be a better version of ourselves. A better friend. Better at keeping in touch. Better at managing our money. Better at making time for the relationships that matter. Better at working out regularly. Better at being healthy. Better at achieving our goals.
God has not just called us to live a a big life. He wants to show us, and empower us in, the keys to sustaining that life. Press play to find our how in in this message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Miracles and Messengers – Ian Harding

In Part Two of our Christmas mini-series, Pastor Ian unpacks the power of a simple “yes”. What lay on the other side of Mary’s “yes” to God’s plan was significant – the salvation plan for humanity. God wants to use your “yes” to unlock miracles in your life. Press play to find out how.

The Purpose Factor – Ian Harding

Sometimes, in this race of life, as we’re running from meeting to meeting, task to task, responsibility to responsibility, it can sometimes feel like we’re not taking ground. But God’s heart and plan is that we would run to WIN. To take ground, to break through, to see our our dreams come alive. Press play to discover  how you can run to win in this  message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Simplify – Ian Harding

According to a recent study, as adults, we make on average 35,000 choices every single day. We all want to make great decisions, but we often feel they are surrounded by a whole degree of complexity. In this message, Pastor Ian unpacks how we can take the pressure off our decision-making process and make our choices in life that little bit simpler. Want to know how? Press play now!

Battle Ready: how to win a fight – Ian Harding

We all have battles to face. An unexpected situation. A long term condition. An issue that’s out of our control. Our battles can come with a whole list of negative labels. But what if God wants to use our battles to tell us something very different? Find out how your battle hasn’t come to defeat you, but to prepare you and make you.