The Secrets of the Remainers – Gosia Denham

“Remain planted, you are intricately interwoven into the vine. Jesus is the source of your life.” Pastor Gosia Denham shares with us a message about remaining rooted in the word of God. When we fill ourselves with the truth that comes from the word, we are able to remain fruitful. Preached live at Hope City Church in York.

Locked Out Of Heaven – Gosia Denham

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power, the Christian life was always meant to have the breath of heaven over it. Pastor Gosia Denham shares with us a message which redefines your prayer life. Locked out of Heaven will propel you to pray persistently for life and realise your access to heaven. Preached live at Hope City Church in York.

Distribution Dilemma – Gosia Denham

We can approach our lives thinking that there is a distribution problem in heaven – we see others being blessed with gifts, whilst we are seemingly forgotten. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Perhaps heaven doesn’t have a distribution dilemma, so much as we have a recognition dilemma. Pastor Gosia encourages us to shift our perception to see heaven’s blessing as doors of opportunity rather than neatly packaged gifts.

Through the Keyhole – Episode Three

In this four part series, we get right inside the actual homes of four of our favourite location pastors of HopeCity! Then get ready for some of the most outstanding wisdom on marriage, family, ministry and personal health. It’s a must see!

Episode Three – How to stay sane with Leeds Pastors Chris and Gosia Denham