How to Thrive and Not Just Survive – Ed Newton

When you follow Christ, He never said it would be easy. Opposition does come, but what is key is that He does not send you where He does not go. Your thriving is for His Glory. You can thrive and not just survive! Click play to have your eyes opened by this incredible message, preached by Pastor Ed Newton.

If Only You Knew (The Victory Story) – Ed Newton

We live in a society that is very well-practiced in creating victims. You may have every right to feel like a victim because of the things you’ve experienced, but you’ve been called to live a life of more than a conqueror. You don’t need a change in your circumstances, but a change in your stance. Step into victory today.

Dangerous Truth, Dangerous Freedom – Ed Newton

“I’d rather have dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery” – Thomas Jefferson. We’re all slaves to something. But God call everyone of us into his dangerous freedom. Press play to find out how to enter that freedom, and why it’s so dangerous!

Dangerous Liaisons (Part 4: Dangerous Truth, Dangerous Freedom) – Ed Newton

Thomas Jefferson once said ‘I prefer dangerous freedom, over peaceful slavery’ In the 4th installment of our Dangerous Liaisons series Pastor Ed looks at how we can live in dangerous freedom through Christ and break free from the peaceful slavery that the world says to live.