Soul Lockdown – David Stoner

Special Guest Ps David Stoner is speaking a timely word about your soul.

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Back To Life – David Stoner

What are you battling with right now? What is happening in your life that is making it seem like there’s no way back?

Know that, through the love and mercy of Christ, there is always the hope and reality of resurrection. Whatever the illness of your circumstance, it’s not too late for you to come back to life. Listen in to Ps Dave Stoner’s message this week as he encourages us remember the hope we have in Christ.

Silver Screens and Gold Medals – Colin Higginbottom

God wants to restore our assignments, influence, courage, and hope, as there are outstanding things that we are to do in our lifetime! Listen as Pastor Colin readies us for God’s restoration over our life, as he inspires us to pick up lost hope and revives what we thought were dead assignments.

The Borderlands – David Stoner

At the start of a new season, it’s time to take some new steps in our lives, leaving behind the things of old, and trusting God anew for bigger and greater things. It’s time to step out of the Borderlands! Listen in as Pastor David inspires us to trust again, and equips us to step out afresh, trusting God for incredible things!

The Greater Good: The Pushback – David Stoner

When your life is set on looking beyond yourself towards the world ahead of us, we often find there are things that attempt to stop us in our tracks. Dive into this message today and listen in as Pastor David inspires us to dig even deeper, and go again to seek the greater good on another level.

The Greater Good: Disruption from Heaven – David Stoner

When you ask Jesus into your life, there is a disruption that happens that turns our life upside down for the better. Old mindsets are shifted and former ways are diverted to make way for a bigger and better life. Grab a hold of this message now as Pastor David readies us for the incoming Heaven disruption!

Fan the Flames – David Stoner

We have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence that is with us daily. As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the day the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, Pastor David reminds us there is a bigger and greater possibilities in our life, allowing us to step closer to what God wants to see for us. It’s time to Fan the Flames of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

Ditch the Clickbait – Dave Stoner

At every moment, there is something that is fighting for our attention, attempting to convince us to change our focus, or stop what we are doing. Listen in as Pastor Dave helps us to maintain our focus, and look to exactly what we need, even when the world around is trying to tell us otherwise.

Seasoned with Salt – Sam Picken

You’re salty! To those you interact with daily, to those around your life and to those you’re yet to meet, you’re salty. You have a seasoning in your life that adds flavour to other peoples lives. Listen as Pastor Sam Picken (Lead Pastor of C3 Toronto) helps and inspires us to walk boldly with our saltiness and to embrace the times where we are being seasoned!

The Click – How Community Connects Us with Destiny

God wants you to be connected with those around you with these ‘clicks’ holding the keys that will shape your future and destiny. Our best future is at the other side of a connection. Listen in to find out how your connectedness can unlock your future today!

The Doorkeepers – Dave Stoner

There’s an open door for us into the Kingdom of God – there’s no checklist or minimum requirements. It’s an open door for anyone who wants to enter in. Pastor Dave guides us through how we step into that open door and make the most of it to see our best future come to pass.

A Hope Beyond 2: The Anatomy of a Dream – Dave Stoner

We are born to be dreamers! There are dreams given to us that God wants us to fulfill – they’re not dreams to think ‘what if?’ but instead to be lead by God into the fulfillment of. Take some time to allow those dreams to kick into place as you listen in!

The Favour Factor: Principles for Your Promotion – Dave Stoner

The favour of God lifts you out of pits and puts you in positions of success and influence. Ps David lifts the lid on principles which will help you find the favour of God in your current circumstances that can cause you to defy the odds that seem to be against you.