Beth Blois – #GOALS

Lead Pastor Beth Blois brings an insightful message to comfort and reassure us that life doesn’t have to al about the goals of others we see online, but that the focus ought to be on the #Goals of our faith lives. We must decide what to put on so that we see our faith goals come to fruition – put on generosity, put on grace, put on kindness.

Dangerous Liaisons: Could You Be a Little More Specific Please? – Beth Blois


It can be easy to rely on God for the specifics, volume and creativity of our dreams and requests, but if we God to do more than we ask, think or imagine, we need to start asking, thinking and imagining! We don’t need to pray longer or harder, but more specific – we need to ask God for what we really want!

There’s Something in the Atmosphere

No matter who you are or what you do, you will only breathe out what you have breathed in, and what you breathe in is dictated by the atmosphere you live in. Lead Pastor Beth Blois introduces the summer series with an insightful message about the climate we allow and the atmosphere we live in. What you exhale will be what you’ve absorbed; there’s more to your words than just your thoughts – there’s something in the atmosphere.

Equinox Series: Meanwhile

We do not see the finished product, the outcome or the result during the process. But while we wait, while we work, and while we trust, meanwhile, God works in the background, and works upon us. We wait in faith, meanwhile God is building for us and in us. Preached live by Lead Pastor Beth Blois.

Striding Out – Ps Beth Blois

Pastor Beth Blois brings an inspiring message about taking distance; The drive phase of tiring and effort is over, we are now hitting our stride, it’s no longer about powering on, but time to stride out!

Love Came Down: Destiny & Donkeys – Beth Blois

Lead Pastor Beth Blois brings an incredible word to kick off the Love Came Down series as we count down to Easter. The seemingly insignificant, plain parts of your life – which you see just as donkeys – God sees as building blocks and stepping stones to your destiny!