I’m Triggered – Tebo Mpanza

Are there any areas of your life that feel a bit cluttered? Any place where, if even the smallest button is pressed, you’re triggered?

It’s been easy in this stay-at-home season to get caught up in the clutter. To feel as though we have to do everything and be everyone to make sure all bases are covered. But trying to fulfil all these areas in our own strength can not only build up our frustrations, but sap our strength in and devotion to Christ.

We need to chill and regain our zeal! Figure out how you can do that in your own life with this week’s podcast message from Ps Tebo Mpanza.

Back To Life – David Stoner

What are you battling with right now? What is happening in your life that is making it seem like there’s no way back?

Know that, through the love and mercy of Christ, there is always the hope and reality of resurrection. Whatever the illness of your circumstance, it’s not too late for you to come back to life. Listen in to Ps Dave Stoner’s message this week as he encourages us remember the hope we have in Christ.

Let the Saints Rise – Jo Willis

In all the tumult of our world, it’s so easy to lose sight of our first love. But what is our first love? Is it Jesus, or is it the church?

Listen to this week’s podcast with Ps Jo Willis as he explores our need to reprioritise our loves to further the kingdom of God. Let’s rise up as an effective church; an effective body, with our unique parts and gifts working together in unison.

Locked Out of Heaven – Gosia Denham

Do you know that God isn’t as far from you as life may make it seem? Do you ever get the sense that you can’t quite reach Him; there’s something stopping you approach him; that, in a way, you’re locked out of heaven?

Jesus wants you to come in. He wants you to draw near. And He’s given us the keys to open the door. Listen in to this week’s podcast as Ps Gosia Denham explores the keys to sharing space with Christ.

The Scattered Church – Joel Burden

It’s easy in the world’s current climate to feel displaced and distant from church. But although we are scattered, we have been called for such a time as this! God is using these circumstances to bring about a revival not just in His body, but of His body. He is moving us where He needs us to be.

Be encouraged this week with this message from Ps Joel Burden.

What’s in a Name? – Lois Willis

Do you know who God says you are? Do you know that you are loved, chosen, wanted, God’s handiwork? Do you know of the life-changing and empowering implications that rooting your identity in Christ entails on your life?

Take stock this week of how you view yourself – or how the world views you – and compare it to how God views you. His opinion of us is infinitely better than anyone else’s. Join Ps Lois Willis as she explores our identity in Christ in this week’s message, ‘What’s in a Name?’

Living Life Ordained – Simon Taylor

It’s time to break off the shackles and the lies of the enemy and live our lives as we truly are: ordained! Each of us are called by God to reveal His goodness and work out His will upon the earth. Nothing and no one can stop us when we’re in the will of God! But how do we outwork such a high calling on our lives?

Join Ps Simon Taylor in this week’s podcast as he delves into the hows and whys of living life ordained.

Fear Not – Phil Pringle

If anything is clear in times of difficulty and upheaval – whether in our personal or corporate lives – it’s that God is far closer than we will ever know! He is an ever-present help in times of trouble, and we have nothing to fear.

On Father’s Day, we are encouraged to hear from the father of our movement, Ps Phil Pringle. Listen in as he passes on the encouragement of our Father in heaven: “Fear not!”

A Tale of Two Daughters – Chris Denham

We all have issues. Difficulties in circumstance, health issues, and lies we’ve come to believe about ourselves just name a few. Though we are never too far from the grace of God.

Just one touch from Jesus is enough to satisfy! It’s enough to heal, to restore, and to affirm. Listen to this message from Ps Chris Denham and remind yourself of the hope and resurrection life that Jesus offers.

Fundamental Facts – Tebo Mpanza

It’s time to go back to basics. What makes our lives worth living? How can we have total trust in God? What fears; what insecurities do we need to let go of? 

It’s no longer about performance. Let’s flip our perspective.

Tune into this week’s podcast message as Ps Tebo Mpanza unpacks the fundamental facts of the Christian life.

The Messy Middle – Louise Davies

Right now, we’re in The Messy Middle. We’re experiencing losses, a slowing down, a redirection of purpose and changes to our daily rhythm. It’s been confusing and difficult to adjust. Though even in these challenging times, there’s joy to be had! Listen to Ps Lou Davies today as she encourages us to reclaim our joy in the midst of this trying season.

Let’s Do This Again – Chris Denham

This is an unprecedented season for us all.  In unprecedented moments, God can do unprecedented things. Today’s sermon emphasises the importance of remembering God’s work in our lives, it is important to know that God is more than able to deliver us from this valley again and again. It’s easier to step out in faith when we see God move over and over again. God is calling out to you today to go again. Let’s do this, again.

Head Down, Eyes Up, Go – Mark Ritchie

In this Easter message, guest speaker Mark Ritchie encourages us in our ‘mess’ and points us to Christ and the power of the cross.

Speaking from Mark 16, he demonstrates how in the midst of the unknown, our default is to just keep our heads down and get on with things, but that through the promise of Christ’s life we can lift our eyes and receive His hope. In turn, this encourages us to go and share this hope with our world!

We pray this message fills you with the joy and peace of Christ!

Happy Easter!




Glory Days – Giant Slaying (Part 2) – Rachael Taylor

A boxer once said you can tell if your opponent has already won or lost the match by the look in their eyes. Click play to hear how we can ⁠change a look of defeat to one that says “Let’s go!” as we continue our Glory Days series with Pastor Rachel Taylor.

Collective Strength – Simon Taylor

As a body of believers, let’s live life: Undaunted and Fearless, Unswerving and Unstoppable, Disciplined and Determined. That is how we’ll storm this city with the Gospel and see His salvation come. Click play to hear this empowering message from Pastor Simon Taylor. 

Destiny Defining Decisions (Part 3) – Shola Ameobi

“God is calling us to stand out, but it’s our decision not to stay hidden.” In this final instalment of our ‘Destiny Defining Decisions’ series, Pastor Shola encourages us to put our faith in action and shine God’s light in a dark world. Click play to listen!

Destiny Defining Decisions (Part 2) – Simon Taylor

God’s desired destiny for the church requires us each being humble, patient and graciously working together. In the second instalment of our series, Pastor Simon encourages us to choose the destiny defining decision of remaining. Click play to be inspired by this message!

Destiny Defining Decisions – Rachael Taylor

What things do you hope for in 2020? The decisions you make can be so significant for your year. There is more that God wants to stir up within you! Click play to hear the first instalment of our ‘Destiny Defining Decisions’ series by Pastor Rachael Taylor.

Hosea (Part 3) – What God Wants For Christmas – Simon Taylor

When we lose love, we lose all. Without truth, anything goes. And without knowledge, we can’t actively outwork our faith. In this message, Pastor Simon unpacks the three things that God wants, and calls us to come back to a deep and close relationship with Him. Click play to hear more!

Hosea (Part 2) – Hosea Loved Gomer Like Buddy Loves Christmas – Simon Taylor

Gods love for us is more than a feeling. It’s a choice. It goes beyond what is expected or reasonable, and it’s always His goal with us. In part two of this series, Pastor Simon continues to unpack the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

Hosea (Part 1) – You Called Your Kids What?! – Simon Taylor

God calls a scattered people and makes them a united people. He called unloved people and makes them loved people, and He calls orphans and makes them children of God. In part one of this series, Pastor Simon unpacks the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

The Set Up – Shola Ameobi

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free” – Galatians 5:1. In Christ, we are SET UP for true and lasting freedom. Click play to hear Pastor Shola unpack how we can experience this freedom, no matter what season or circumstance we are in.

Go Again – Rachael Taylor

No matter what age we are or stage of life we are in, there is a call of God upon us. A call to leave the grandstands and take our place on the playing field. A call to Go Again! Click play to listen to this inspiring message from Pastor Rachael Taylor.

For Every Good Work (Part 2) – I am Generous

God’s blessing in our lives was never meant to have a full stop. It’s God’s design that His abundant blessing would not just meet our need, but would flow through us in generosity to advance His Kingdom here on earth. Click play to find out more.

The Second Day – Pastor Rachael Taylor

On the first day Jesus died. On the third He was resurrected. But what happened on the second day, when all was quiet and the disciples could have allowed doubts to creep in? Click play to discover how to navigate your second day experiences!