Saints In Rows – Dave Gilpin

We don’t need more power. We need more authority. Fault lines of brokenness in our lives often attract tree lines of rebellion and independence. If we can clear the trees then God can heal the cracks and see our destiny rolled out before us. This is the time for the saints to arose with new authority and fresh breakthroughs. [Recorded in Sheffield]

Empowered – Part 1 – Colin Blois

[Part 1] Jesus has empowered us to live our best life – this message is all about his empowerment, and how knowing that we are empowered can remove our tendency to strive.

It’s Time To Take Residence – Jenny Gilpin

Sometimes it feels like God is a million miles away as we go through hard times; in this message, Pastor Jenny presents an invincible summer that can arise within you during your darker days. You will find out how every part of your today is a preparation for God’s beautiful intentions for your tomorrow. – Live from Leeds

ADHA – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Asset (The Greater Conference) – Dave Gilpin

Amongst the musings of Dave Gilpin, he outlines a range of disorders that Dave claims are in fact assets. 50% of all of your ‘weaknesses’ are mythical – they don’t exist!  – Live at The Greater Conference

My New Jacket

Dave Gilpin is sporting his brand new jacket and has his reinventing hat on. Preaching live in Sheffield on our First Fruits Offering Sunday Dave encourages us to make a start on the future we believe belongs to us. Changing an attitude, making a shift in direction or investing some time towards it prophesies over your future. Don’t despise the day of small beginings. Your future awaits.

Beautiful Disaster: LIVE from London

What do you think people think when they see you? Most people have no idea of where we have each come from and where we are going. All they see is a snapshot. A photograph. No perspective and no background. With snapshots, all we can do is categorize them. – Live from Hope City London