Jericho Calls: Living In The Cause – Colin Blois

Lead Pastor Colin Blois launches us into 2015 with an incredibly prominent first message in the Jericho series. Everything we do, even living for the cause comes out of a place of living IN the cause – we don’t need to stretch to attain a certain standard when Jesus has already bought our future victories!

Jericho Calls: The Scarlet Cord – Colin Blois

Ps Colin Blois brings an incredible message on the story of Rahab as the Jericho Calls series continues. Because Rahab knew what she wanted, she walked straight out of her door and right into the lineage of Christ! Rahab’s request ‘Just save my family’ must be the basis for our request and our invitations.

Empowered – Part 1 – Colin Blois

[Part 1] Jesus has empowered us to live our best life – this message is all about his empowerment, and how knowing that we are empowered can remove our tendency to strive.