Activating the Artisan Spirit – Kat Harding

The Artisan Spirit is something that’s in the DNA of every human being, just waiting to be activated by faith. What if the obstacle that’s in front of you right now is actually your opportunity to activate the Artisan Spirit in you? Press play to find out how in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.

Nothing Is Everything – Lois Willis

God specialises in turning your nothing into something – something spectacular. As you realise that nothing is never nothing with God, embrace the power of surrendering your something to God, you’ll then discover EVERYTHING that God has for your life. 

This message uncovers the way in which God can turn your nothing, no where, no way areas into abundant places. It will transform the way you see what’s in your hand.  

Distribution Dilemma – Gosia Denham

We can approach our lives thinking that there is a distribution problem in heaven – we see others being blessed with gifts, whilst we are seemingly forgotten. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Perhaps heaven doesn’t have a distribution dilemma, so much as we have a recognition dilemma. Pastor Gosia encourages us to shift our perception to see heaven’s blessing as doors of opportunity rather than neatly packaged gifts.

Advance – Simon Taylor

The kingdom of God is forcefully advancing, but if we want to see God’s dream for our lives become reality, it requires a response from us. We need to lay hold of it with force! We are not called to settle for a life of little advancement, but of one in which we rise up and conquer. God has made His move, now it’s your turn.

Press play to find out how to #Advance in your life in this message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

Trust Issues – Dave Gilpin

All of us have trust issues. Failure to address them always leads to cynicism, isolation and a small life. This message begins with describing an overcoming spirit that’s available to us through Christ, then encourages us to step out of our distrust back into trust, through a new spirit of courage. This simple step of courage will create a big step towards the amazing future God has planned for you.

Replanted in Eden – Steph Young

Every season of our lives is an opportunity to be intentional and to lock into the purpose God has for us. God can use every season to grow us. Our growth and purpose are not dependant on our outward situation, but on how we choose to react to the season we are in. To bear much fruit in every season, we need to trust the gardener.

Click play to hear how you can embrace your current season, and find the purpose that God intends for you right now.

Don’t Dream It’s Over – John Hinton

When God chose Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he wasn’t the most likely candidate. He didn’t have the skill set or the experience…he wasn’t even living in the right country. But God chose, called and equipped him to lead change in his world. Press play to hear how you, like Nehemiah, can develop trust that unlocks destiny in this message from John Hinton.

Don’t Teach a Fish to Climb Trees – How to not lose your confidence – Dave Gilpin

50% of all of your weaknesses don’t exist. They’re fictional. We’ve mistaken non-strengths for weaknesses. Strengthen your non-strengths and the best you’ll get is average. Strengthen your strengths and you’ll find your genius. The other 50% are reversible. God places His strengths on the fault lines of your weaknesses. This message will set you free from your three greatest enemies- condemnation, accusation and perfection.

Stand – Jenny Gilpin

The more you advance in the kingdom the more you attract drama and opposition. Will you escalate the drama into melodrama? Or will you come to a new standpoint of faith on the other side of your wilderness? A message from Pastor Jenny Gilpin, preached live at Hope City Church in Sheffield then watched almost live in York.

Citizens: Unyielding – Rachael Taylor

There are so many things in life that try to make us sit down, but we are called to stand in faith. As Christians, we need to be unyielding in the face of fear. We have to choose: who will we serve? Who will we believe? And who will we become? Click play to listen to part four of our Citizens series.

Citizens: Fantastic Blessings and Where To Find Them – Simon Taylor

Our pursuit of righteousness is expressed whenever we put His desires above our own, and live out His will, not just ours. In part three of our Citizens series, Pastor Simon unpacks the Beatitudes. and how the blessings of God often come in ways we may not always expect.

Click play to listen to how you can inherit the blessings God has for your life.

Unrequited Love – Ps Ali Bianchi

Often we get carried away with our unending needs of life and sometimes unaware of how much we demand and ask from God all the time in our relationship with Him.

We often allow our circumstances to come between us and our relationship with God. But actually, what God wants is intimacy. What God wants is a relationship that is two sided; He just wants us to receive everything He is and give everything we are into the relationship.

In this message Pastor Ali shares with how we can leave all else, and focus on growing in intimacy with God above every need in our lives.
You’ll be so blessed!!

A Time is Coming – Rachael Taylor

Nothing is too hard for God. We are not called to settle in our situations, but to live a supernatural life. God can do a ‘suddenly’, where He will make a way and open doors that no person or thing can shut. Let’s exchange doubt and hopelessness for faith and expectation, because when God moves we will see great fruit in our lives. Click play to hear how you can take hold of God’s best for you.

Fabulous Faith – Dave Gilpin

You don’t need breakthrough. You don’t need finance. You don’t need healing. What you need is the key that opens the door to breakthrough. Faith is that solitary key. There is no other key.  It has no feels. It has no emotion. It sees nothing in the natural. Yet it precedes everything. When you get it, it opens doors to things you’ve never experienced ever before in your life. This is about how to get it, how to use it and how to prize it.

If Only You Knew – Ed Newton

We live in a society that is very well-practiced in creating victims. You may have every right to feel like a victim because of the things you’ve experienced, but you’ve been called to live a life of more than a conqueror. You don’t need a change in your circumstances, but a change in your stance. Step into victory today.

Citizens: Active Duty – Simon Taylor

“Active Duty” is a full time occupation as part of a military force, as opposed to reserve duty. As CITIZENS of heaven, we’re not called to live life in reserve, but to the full, for our King and His cause. Click play to hear our Citizens series continue with this message from Pastor Simon Taylor. 

The Heavenly Advantage – Ian Harding

In life we can sometimes face situations that make us feel that we don’t have what it takes. But what if your lack was on a collision course with heaven’s fullness? A divine set up so that what you believed was impossible can become possible? Press play to hear this message on how to take hold of the heavenly advantage in your life from Pastor Ian Harding.

Up Close and Personal – Dave Gilpin

Hope City Church is a multi-generational, multi-site and multi-national church full of creativity, diversity and authenticity. And that’s a challenge. Senior Pastor Dave Gilpin apologises to different groups within the church whom he feels have been let down across the years including middle-aged men, the black community and those who find themselves currently on the bench. It’s both honest and raw.

Citizens: Hallmarks of Heaven – Shola Ameobi

Matthew 5:14 says, “You’re are here to be light, bringing out the God colours in the world.” As Citizens of Heaven, our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God and to live the Kingdom life. We are called to live on purpose, radiating His essence and exemplifying the Hallmarks of Heaven.

Click play to listen to the first instalment of our Citizens series, from Pastor Shola Ameobi.

From Now On – Kat Harding

God wants to define a new normal for our lives: not based on what we know or what makes sense, not based on what we’ve experienced, not even based on what we’re in the middle of right now, but based on who God is and what he is able to do. Press play to hear about the Power of Embracing a New Normal in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.