Enigma: how to follow God when it doesn’t make sense – Simon Taylor

Man-made plans involve our strength, education, success and comfort. But God’s plan for Moses involved a stick, ten plagues and an exit strategy involving the parting of a sea. Moses had to learn how to follow God when it didn’t make sense. Press play to find out how.

Battle Ready: how to win a fight – Ian Harding

We all have battles to face. An unexpected situation. A long term condition. An issue that’s out of our control. Our battles can come with a whole list of negative labels. But what if God wants to use our battles to tell us something very different? Find out how your battle hasn’t come to defeat you, but to prepare you and make you.

Payday: how to bring about a miracle – Simon Taylor

Your current problems can become your future miracles. When Moses’ parents placed him in the Nile, they may have had fear of Pharoah, but they also had faith in God. Find out how faith in God can see the most dramatic of circumstances, become the greatest of miracles.

Homecoming: The Greatest Comeback – Tebo Mpanza

Jesus’ followers must have lost all hope when they saw his death on the cross, but what seemed like the lowest point in their lives became the greatest comeback ever.

Perhaps you feel like it’s the end of a chapter, and that everything you placed your hope in is dead. Be encouraged by Pastor Tebo’s message this Resurrection Sunday that just as Jesus’ story didn’t end with the grave , neither will yours.


In a creative exploration of the truth of our salvation, Pastor Colin asks us to consider the truth that we were saved at the cross, not just to escape to heaven, but to truly live on Earth.