Trump Tales: The Search For Truth

You can feel the tremors. Two unexpected political events have taken place in recent times that have destabilised our world- Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President. No one expected it. True public opinion has decided to go underground. Something is happening in the western world as a new sword of judgementalism hijacks some very real societal issues and concerns. In this message, Dave Gilpin expands on this and then searches for and finds the biggest issue of all.

There’s No Please In The Prayer – Colin Blois

The Lord’s prayer is a snapshot of everything God has promised us, purposed for us, and provided for us in Jesus. There is no please in the Lord’s prayer, yet we all live with hesitancy in our spirits. Pastor Colin Blois encourages us to embrace the sonship that we have through Christ Jesus; we don’t have to twist God’s arm for Him to do good on our behalf!

Striding Out – Ps Beth Blois

Pastor Beth Blois brings an inspiring message about taking distance; The drive phase of tiring and effort is over, we are now hitting our stride, it’s no longer about powering on, but time to stride out!

The Next You: The Sequel

There’s something so new about to come into your life that the Bible describes as ‘more than you could ask or imagine’. Yet this ‘new wine’ will only be placed into ‘new wine skins’ that won’t waste a drop of your precious future. God is wanting to reinvent you. There’s an awkward stage, a ‘nobody’ stage, a frustration stage and a redundancy stage. Dave Gilpin, live from Newcastle England, teaches you through the stages of becoming the Next You…..and as he says so often – the next big thing is the Next You. Get ready. Hold on! You’re about to go where you’ve never been before.

The Spectacular Inconvenience – Jo Willis

There’s nothing convenient about life with God. Pastor Jo Willis shares a powerful message about stepping out of our comfort and convenience.  There’s something beautiful about the inconveniences of God, because there’s something spectacular to be found on the other side.