Dare to Dream – Ps Andrew Hoyes

Everything we accomplish tomorrow started with a dream today – It’s time to get up and start dreaming again, even when adversity states you should stay down! Listen in as guest speaker Ps Andrew Hoyes from Resurgent Church, Montreal, teaches us how to dream bigger than ever before and how when we do, big things happen. Learn to dream again – we dare you!

Where The River Meets The Sea – Mark Kelsey

All rivers lead towards the sea. If the river is the life of God, then the sea is a lost humanity; the Church needs to be at that intersection where the river can bring life to the bitter waters of the sea . Guest speaker Pastor Mark Kelsey encourages us to press forward into the river of life, and our journey with Christ; no matter what stage of the journey you’re on, God can always take you deeper.

You Can Find Me In The Waves – Lance Gordon

Peter had to leave the comfort of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus. Pastor Lance Gordon encourages us to step out of the boat, and live a Christian lifestyle out on the waves. There’s a seed in your storm that God wants you to pick up; will you stay or will you go?