Life Stories with Rosa Payne – From Pain to Purpose

Smuggled out of Mexico at 7 years old. Sexually exploited when she was 9. A mum by the age of 16. Join us as we hear the incredible, grace-filled story of Rosa Payne’s journey from brokenness and pain, to a life of freedom and purpose.

Messengers and Miracles – Kat Harding

It’s the season of peace and joy. But if that’s the case, why is it that every time the Angel Gabriel brings someone a message, the first words out of his mouth are: “Don’t be afraid”? We all live life with real fears – no matter how big or small – that can stop us from taking hold of the future God has for us. Press play to hear how you can step beyond fear and into your future in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.

Cry Me A River Part Deux – Dave Gilpin

Psalm 46 states, ‘There is a river that makes glad the City of God.’ The river of God in your life is unstoppable. It will never run out and will transport you into all God has for you. But the river does something else-  it carries stuff away. You can’t just dump your junk on the river bank and expect to remain in the clear waters of destiny. Every river has a bridge and there comes a time where everything needs to become ‘water under the bridge’. In this message, Dave Gilpin gives us 7 keys to letting go and allowing our ‘junk’ to go under the bridge. It’s amazing what can happen when you do.

How to Thrive and Not Just Survive – Ed Newton

When you follow Christ, He never said it would be easy. Opposition does come, but what is key is that He does not send you where He does not go. Your thriving is for His Glory. You can thrive and not just survive! Click play to have your eyes opened by this incredible message, preached by Pastor Ed Newton.

Remain In Community – Tim Ross

Tune in to this powerful message shared by Pastor Tim Ross at our Sheffield location. The same sin that is able to destroy individuals can also destroy community. Prepare to be challenged as Pastor Tim Ross leads us through Biblical examples of what NOT to do if we want to remain in community.

It’s Your Turn – Rachael Taylor

It’s Your Turn – How to Maximise Every Opportunity

Most things that affect your life are cyclic. They are part of something greater who’s momentum keeps you doing things that you don’t really want to be doing. Depression is often part of a cycle. Habits are definitely cyclic and bouts of anxiety are just that- bouts that continue like a boxing match. 

In this message Pastor Rachael Taylor from Hope City Newcastle attempts to break cycles by looking at a the man at the pool of Bethesda who’s been ‘cycling’ for 38 years. 

Cry Me a River – Dave Gilpin

Whether you call yourself an introvert, shy, quiet or just plain reserved, there’s a New You that supersedes the Natural You times a thousand.

The bible says that you’re not a lake, a pond, a swamp or a flood. You’re a river. Rivers flow. They’re dynamic. They‘re hard to stop. They’re heading somewhere.  And they represent everything about the new, higher You. 

Jesus declares that rivers of living water would flow from the inmost being of someone in whom the Spirit of God lives. Everything about this water is alive, dynamic, oozing to display its qualities and can’t be kept in a well. Enjoy the podcast.

The Ultimate Attitude – Louise Davies

Often we find ourselves in situations where things look bleak and need a change, Hope City Teaching Pastor Louise Davies speaks about opening the door to our next season with the key of thanksgiving. Gratitude is the ultimate attitude, there is power in the word “Thank you”. Listen as Louise unpacks the thought and gives some tips on how to cultivate a lifestyle of thankfulness.

Naturally Supernatural(Part 2) – Ali Bianchi

Every now and then we feel the need to go back to basics, the natural. we often look for the spectacular and the dramatic stuff when we read the Bible, but actually God wants us to make our spirituality natural. in this Episode Pastor Ali shared practical ways to we can practice bringing God into the seemingly insignificant things in our daily lives so we can experience the Supernatural of God, in our natural.

Climate Control – Kat Harding

“The tongue has the power of life and death” – Proverbs 18:21. The words you speak have so much power! You’ve been given the ability to set the atmosphere around your life to see all that God has promised come alive. Press play to hear how you can unlock this power in your world in this message from Pastor Kat Harding.

Mending Fences – Dave Gilpin

Fences are good- good for privacy, good for personal time and good for protection. To love someone is to love their fence.

 To love their fence is to allow them space- space to back away, space to hide, space to process and space to find their own convictions on life and faith. 

To push through the fence either causes offence that results in a stronger fence of defence, or for some, leads to broken fences and no fences.

She Is Gathering – You Are ________.

There can be so many things that try to fill in this blank: our past experience, the words of others, our own insecurities and flaws. But there’s another voice that wants to speak into our lives and into our identity – the voice of God. Press play to hear the real-life stories about how God has shaped the identity of three incredible women, recorded live at the North East She Is Gathering.

Ekklēsia (Part 6) – Simon Taylor

The Church is not man’s idea, but God’s Idea. In the final instalment of our Ekklēsia series, we unpacked chapter six of 1 Timothy, exploring the common traps of the Christian life, and how to avoid them! Press play to listen to this incredible message from Pastor Simon Taylor.

Praise Theory World – Chris Denham

There’s something extraordinary about PRAISE. Our choice to Praise in our situation can unlock enormous power to see breakthrough, and establish our victory over everything God’s promised us. in this podcast, Ps Chris gives practical insights into the theory of praise for us to really understand how to live praising everyday!!! Be Blessed!!!

Naturally Supernatural – Ali Bianchi

Every now and then we feel the need to go back to basics, the natural. we often look for the spectacular and the dramatic stuff when we read the Bible, but actually God wants us to make our spirituality natural. in this Episode Pastor Ali shared great insights on how we can really let God outwork deep spiritual principles and realities to flow naturally as we live daily.

Seasoned with Salt – Sam Picken

You’re salty! To those you interact with daily, to those around your life and to those you’re yet to meet, you’re salty. You have a seasoning in your life that adds flavour to other peoples lives. Listen as Pastor Sam Picken (Lead Pastor of C3 Toronto) helps and inspires us to walk boldly with our saltiness and to embrace the times where we are being seasoned!

Remain in Community – Tim Ross

As part of our This New Republic weekend, Ps Tim Ross shares one of two messages about Support Systems. We all need support as we walk through life. In this message, Tim talks about how to find support by remaining in community. There are certain examples we can learn from the Bible, people from whom we can learn what not to do and how to support others by contributing to a healthy community.

The Purpose Factor – Ian Harding

Sometimes, in this race of life, as we’re running from meeting to meeting, task to task, responsibility to responsibility, it can sometimes feel like we’re not taking ground. But God’s heart and plan is that we would run to WIN. To take ground, to break through, to see our our dreams come alive. Press play to discover  how you can run to win in this  message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Chris Denham – Stick To The Plan

Part of the A HOPE BEYOND Series. What do you do when God·s plans don·t seem to be working according to your timetable. In this message, Pastor Chris Denham teaches on how to find patience in our urgency to see God’s plans and purposes come to pass in our lives. Stick to the plan! Preached live at Hope City Church in York.