My Friend Frustration – Ed Wells

Dreams and goals can create tension in our lives especially when we’re confronted with the reality of our surrounding. Part 2 of the Saturate Series checks in on embracing where we are and letting frustration become our friend. Preached by Ps Ed Wells, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur. Ps Ed Wells is the Senior Pastor of Church Alive in Switzerland.

Secret Stories: when truth be told

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, our Senior Pastors, share intimate secrets about their marriage, their disappointments, their devotional life, their tension points and their now Word from God. This is how you’ve never heard them before. Stuart Otten from ‘About Face’ is the interviewer.

The Rainbow: Mephibosheth – Dave Gilpin

Favour Ain’t Fair. 

This is part 2 of the Rainbow series. When Abraham was asked to cut 3 animals in half and place the halves opposite each other, he was setting up a mysterious covenant where the halves on the left would represent himself and the halves on the right would represent God himself. This was a precursor for Jesus who also represented both us and God in his broken body.  But between both incidents was a man called Mephibosheth, who’s life was changed forever by another distant covenant.

Delay by Design – Lois Willis

What To Do When God Seems to Dawdle

From the events surrounding the ‘late’ arrival of Jesus after the death of Lazarus, Lois Willis, from the teaching team of Hope City, analyses why Jesus would ever want to delay a miracle. Not only were people he loved upset by his seeming lack of care, He himself wept at both the loss of His friend and the tension caused by His delay.
This message will shed light on your delays and help you turn your disappointment into expectation.

Rest in the Midst of a Storm – Ronald Peter

The beauty of submission is that it lifts the burden off you. We can find rest in the midst of the storm knowing that Jesus is above it. Part 4 of the Sabbath Series checks in on realigning our faith on the One that calms the storms. Preached by Ronald Peter live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

The Second Day – Pastor Rachael Taylor

On the first day Jesus died. On the third He was resurrected. But what happened on the second day, when all was quiet and the disciples could have allowed doubts to creep in? Click play to discover how to navigate your second day experiences!

The Rainbow – Dave Gilpin

Signs from Heaven to Earth

The question why do bad things happen to good people comes from an over exaggeration of our own goodness. We’ve placed ourselves miles too high on the Scale of Good. You know you better than anyone so it’s not a surprise to know that you’re not really that good at all. And if you are, it’s grace at work in you. From the Rainbow to the Cross there’s a covenant supplying you with goodness and mercy that’s totally disproportionate to the altar you find yourself upon. If you look to the covenant and not yourself you’ll find so much of God your life will never be the same.

The Rhythm of Rest – Joel Burden

Jesus was never overwhelmed with things. The Sabbath is the metronome that keeps us in time with God’s rhythm. Part 3 of the Sabbath Series checks in on following and trusting the rhythm of God, declaring freedom over our time and confidence in our identity. Preached by Ps Joel Burden live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

Mountain Men – Dave Gilpin

A man without a mountain is only half a man. Every man was born for near misses, desperate challenges and traversing trouble. And when he does it for the protection and provision of others that man becomes a brother, a husband, a father. The bible tells us, ‘How beautiful  on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news…’ A man’s feet can tell you everything about the man. This podcast reveals all.