Hosea (Part 2) – Hosea Loved Gomer Like Buddy Loves Christmas – Simon Taylor

Gods love for us is more than a feeling. It’s a choice. It goes beyond what is expected or reasonable, and it’s always His goal with us. In part two of this series, Pastor Simon continues to unpack the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

The Echo Chamber – Ian Harding

We all have an Echo Chamber and there are so many voices that can fill it. The voice of friends. The voice of family. The voice of familiarity. The voice of what we watch. The voice of what we read. The voice of our past. Our experience. Our disappointment. Our fears. It can all start to get pretty noisy. Jesus faced the same dilemma. But he chose to fill his Echo Chamber with the voice of his Father in Heaven. We can do the same. Press play to find out how this in this message from Pastor Ian Harding.

Influencing Our Neighbourhood – Ronald Peter

A neighbour is someone who shows compassion when it’s not favourable towards them. Part 3 of Neighbourhood Series checks in on sharing our redemption story from a place of freedom rather than fear, remembering that we were all once a sinner saved by grace. Preached by Ronald Peter, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

Hosea (Part 1) – You Called Your Kids What?! – Simon Taylor

God calls a scattered people and makes them a united people. He called unloved people and makes them loved people, and He calls orphans and makes them children of God. In part one of this series, Pastor Simon unpacks the book of Hosea. Click play to listen now!

Storm Troopers – Dave Gilpin

It’s the End of Your Storm.

Some storms are caused by you. You became a storm first – a storm of conviction, audacity and no more compromise. The storm you’ve experienced was simply your world adjusting. Some storms are caused by Sovereignty, not to teach you a lesson but to prepare you for the next outpouring of heaven. Storms come and storms go. Dave Gilpin declares the purpose and the end of your storm, and gets you ready for the new season of power. Preached live at Hope City Church in Sheffield and then watched almost live in York.

Love Thy Neighbour – Joel Burden

Above all, love each other deeply because love covers multitude of sins. Throughout scriptures, Jesus demonstrates that loving our neighbours extends to our enemies and oftentimes to the people who literally live next to us. Part 2 of Neighbourhood Series checks in on loving our neighbour as ourselves and taking responsibility for the people with close proximity to us. Preached by Joel Burden, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

Life Stories

Anorexia and Oil Tankers- How two became one.

When Kerry was 21, her life was been torn apart by self-starvation that ended her career as a professional dancer. When Hassan was 25, he found out his life was under the threat of death so he escaped Iran and found himself on a raft in the Aegean Sea, on a collision course with an Oil Tanker. God rescued both Kerry and Hassan and took them on a journey of recovery that eventually led them to each other and to fall in love. Dave Gilpin interviews them to to discover more.

Fantastic Blessings and Where to Find Them – Simon Taylor

The Beatitudes are know as Jesus’ declaration of the Kingdom. The word “Beatitudes” literally means “Blessings” and this scripture is packed full of every good thing that God has for us. Press play to hear Pastor Simon unpack these “Fantastic Blessings and Where to Find Them.”

Storm Troopers Part Deux- Dave Gilpin

When you’ve been through some storms you can easily start to feel that God had something to do with them when, in fact, He had nothing to do with them. He just used them for good but never created them. 

For you to move freely into a season of direct blessing, you’ll need to give your revelation of God a little detox. This message is here to do that- to cleanse you of your confused thoughts about a good God, and get you expectant for His direct goodness to be poured out as the sun shines upon the earth. Get ready for a season change!

Back to Bethel – Ali Bianchi

Sometimes we focus too much on the future and forget about what God’s done in the past. “Do this in remembrance of me…” Jesus said at the last supper. Ps Ali shares keys to unlocking breakthrough as we ride on the wings of the victories of the past, even as we reach out for what God has for us in the future. Be blessed.

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