Mind Change – Rachael Taylor

What we think truly affects us both physically and emotionally. Today our culture is undergoing an epidemic of unhealthy thoughts that, left unchecked, create ideal conditions for illnesses. Do we have to put up with some of the mental illnesses that we see today, or – by lining our thoughts up with scripture – can we break free from the chains wrapped around our minds? Listen as Pastor Rachael tackles this issue that is so prevalent today, and hear what the bible has to say about it!

Simplify – Ian Harding

According to a recent study, as adults, we make on average 35,000 choices every single day. We all want to make great decisions, but we often feel they are surrounded by a whole degree of complexity. In this message, Pastor Ian unpacks how we can take the pressure off our decision-making process and make our choices in life that little bit simpler. Want to know how? Press play now!

The Next Step: How to Take It and Why It Matters

Your next step has the possibility to shape and change your life. It can change the parameters, open up new possibilities and allow you to step into a new level of your walk with God. Take a moment today as Pastor Lisa shows us how to take that step and why it matters.

The Meaning of Life – Ps Dave Gilpin

To have a life of meaning is the primary driver of human souls. To do this, tables must turn, saying goodbyes must happen, storm clouds are ushered and reinventions begun. That’s why many choose to attempt to live a life of happiness only to discover that on either side of moments of happiness lies deep discontent. The more meaningful your life is, the more fulfilled you’ll become.

Ekklēsia: Part One – How To Stand For Something So You Don’t Fall For Anything – Simon Taylor

The church is not man’s plan. It’s God’s plan.
We’re not fighting for a man-made institution, but God’s way of how His church should live, act and have effect upon the earth.
Christ is the head, we are the body. We submit to His Lordship and respond to his direction. It’s imperative that we do, for we have been entrusted with the gospel – the message of hope to this world. This is the purpose to which the church has been called – A HOPE BEYOND.

The Power of Momentum – Kat Harding

“It’s not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit.” These are the words that God spoke to Zerubbabel to bring momentum back to what he had called him to do. What if the obstacles in our lives aren’t there to hold us back, but are instead, God’s calling card to faith? Press play to hear how, by faith, you can grab hold of the power of momentum today.

A Hope Beyond 2 : The Anatomy of a Dream

We are born to be dreamers! There are dreams given to us that God wants us to fulfill – they’re not dreams to think ‘what if?’ but instead to be lead by God into the fulfillment of. Take some time to allow those dreams to kick into place as you listen in!

Chaos Theory – Ps Dave Gilpin

Why does all hell seems to break loose soon after you get a word or a feeling that God is about to do a new thing in your world? It would appear to be the workings of an opposing force, yet the truth is that nothing natural or spiritual moves from one form of ‘order’ to a higher order without a season of chaos. 

We rarely understand this because we feel that God moves mostly through miraculous interventions, when he actually moves primarily through a process of birthing- and that’s so messy and awkward that we think something is intrinsically wrong. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Chaos in your life right now isn’t for your destruction, it’s for your releasing- God is birthing something new and better in your world.

Eye Tunes: How To See Beyond What Is Visible – Becky Mpanza

Our lives might look like plain, run-of-the-mill clay pots, but the truth is that we carry incredible spiritual treasure within us. Fine tune your eyes to see the extraordinary that God adds to your ordinary.

Table Talks // South Street Kitchen – Episode 1

Episode one of the This New Republic Table Talks.

Listen in to Pastor Colin and Beth Blois, Pastor Jo Willis and Pastor Tebo Mpanza as they have a conversation about life, the church, and all things students and young adults.

Living Life In The Now – Rachael Taylor

We all have dreams for the future – but what are we doing today in order to work towards tomorrow? In this sermon, Rachael speaks to us about how we can maximise our today in order to realise our tomorrow. Click play to find out what you can be doing NOW in preparation for THEN!

Summer Breeze – Simon Taylor

Contentment – a state of peaceful happiness. It’s something we all want, but sometimes we look for it in the wrong places and end up feeling dissatisfied in life. In this message, Pastor Simon talks to us about the common killers of contentment, and shows us the example of Paul, who claimed to be “content in every circumstance.” Press play to find out how you can be content whatever the weather!

In It To Win It – Shola and Jenny Ameobi

Everybody is running a race – whether you are a student, working or retired, you have a call on your life to run well and to complete what God has set out for you to do. Shola and Jenny speak on how they have run their race so far, and share the wisdom on how you can run yours well too! Click play to find out today!

It’s Your Turn – Rachael Taylor

Have you ever felt like life has passed you by? That time and chance have happened to everyone around you, but your still waiting on your opportunity. But in this message, Pastor Rachael wants you to know – IT’S YOUR TURN! Press play to find out how to maximise every opportunity that comes your way.

Possibility Thinkers – What’s the Best That Can Happen?

When our mind has been set free we can enter into the realm of Possibility Thinking where we can begin to believe and expect for the best God has to offer. Listen in as Pastor Lisa challenges and inspires us to build up our expectations and enter into God’s best in our lives.