The Conviction – Jenny Gilpin

Without conviction in our lives, we live a double life. God is not short on supply of living water; He’s never short on a vision for your life. Part 4 of the Saturate Series checks in on trusting and standing by our God-given convictions. Preached by Ps Jenny Gilpin, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

The Power of The Reach – Emma Burden

Many of us can relate to being in a season where we feel stuck, hopeless and frustrated as we’ve exhausted all options for a resolution. Faith demands a response from Jesus. Part 3 of the Saturate Series checks in on reaching out in faith and keeping our eyes on God just like the woman with the issue of bleeding. Preached by Ps Emma Burden, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur.

My Friend Frustration – Ed Wells

Dreams and goals can create tension in our lives especially when we’re confronted with the reality of our surrounding. Part 2 of the Saturate Series checks in on embracing where we are and letting frustration become our friend. Preached by Ps Ed Wells, live at Hope City Church in Kuala Lumpur. Ps Ed Wells is the Senior Pastor of Church Alive in Switzerland.

Secret Stories: when truth be told

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, our Senior Pastors, share intimate secrets about their marriage, their disappointments, their devotional life, their tension points and their now Word from God. This is how you’ve never heard them before. Stuart Otten from ‘About Face’ is the interviewer.

The Rainbow: Mephibosheth – Dave Gilpin

Favour Ain’t Fair. 

This is part 2 of the Rainbow series. When Abraham was asked to cut 3 animals in half and place the halves opposite each other, he was setting up a mysterious covenant where the halves on the left would represent himself and the halves on the right would represent God himself. This was a precursor for Jesus who also represented both us and God in his broken body.  But between both incidents was a man called Mephibosheth, who’s life was changed forever by another distant covenant.