Moving Out of Settleville – Rachael Taylor

What do you see? What is it that you want? And what is it that you’re settling for? Nothing is impossible for God! We have the same authority as God within us. Click play to hear how you can move out of settleville and relentlessly pursue the life that God has for you!

Woe For What? – Simon Taylor

In the book of Matthew, Jesus speaks of seven “woes”. If the Beatitudes reveal what pleases God, then these woes reveal what displeases God. Jesus’ words here are strong, but are given out of love and to serve as a warning to save us and help us grow. There is so much wisdom packed into these woes.
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A Mother’s Request – Simon Taylor

Jesus says, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”
True greatness is not about power, status or position, it’s about our attitude and our heart for service. Jesus came to earth to serve and to give His life as a ransom so that we can be free. What can we do with this freedom He’s won for us?
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Anazao – Rachael Taylor

‘’Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people alive.’’- Ravi Zacharias
God has a significant life of purpose for each of us: not retreating back into to the tomb of our old selves, but made “alive again” in Christ. 
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An Audience with Shola and Jenny Ameobi

‘I realised that football wasn’t who I am, football was what I did. Who I am is a child of God.’
Former Newcastle United star Shola Ameobi shares his journey of faith through his career as a professional footballer on and off the pitch, plus his wife Jenny Ameobi shares her side of the story.

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Taking Ground – Ian Harding

There’s no doubt we love the victory moments in life. But what do we do when things don’t quite go to plan? Click play to discover how God can impart strength in our weakness, faith in our fear and peace in our anxiety so that we can take ground in our lives – no mater what the circumstance.

Metamorphoō – Simon Taylor

Metamorphoō: “to transform”. Our Christian walk is all about transformation. This is more than an outward change: it’s a change from the inside out. God doesn’t get to work on you by scrubbing hard on the outside and eventually getting to your core. It’s a change on the inside that becomes visible on the outside. Press play to discover how you can transform into all he’s called you to be in this message from Pastor Simon Taylor.