Summer Breeze: Living Life Fresh – Simon Taylor

Jesus said “whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst again.” (John 4:14). Do you ever read your Bible and think “what does that even mean?” – because I’m sure I’m not the only Christian on planet Earth that still has thirst!

I thirst for wrong things…it’s called sin…it’s destructive!⠀

I thirst for right things…but sometimes it’s in the wrong season…it’s frustrating!

I thirst for wrong things…that I wish were right…but they never will be…it’s called fantasising!⠀

I thirst for right things…but they are wrong for me…it’s called learning!⠀

So what do these words of Jesus mean for us? How can we live a full & satisfying life? Press play to hear this latest message from Pastor Simon Taylor on LIVING LIFE FRESH.